4 of the Oldest Game Shows in Columbus, This is the Most Likable Games

4 of the Oldest Game Shows in Columbus

CCG -With a mix of rivalry, thrills, and prizes, game shows have been a mainstay of television entertainment for decades, drawing large viewers. Some legendary game shows have permanently changed the entertainment landscape of Columbus, Ohio, and have become beloved classics that audiences of all ages appreciate.

4 of the Oldest Game Shows in Columbus

Exploring four of Columbus’s oldest game shows will allow us to go down memory lane.

1. Cash Explosion (1987 – Present):

From its 1987 debut, Cash Explosion has been a local favorite and is currently one of Columbus’ longest-running game programs. With the possibility to win cash prizes, participants in the show, which is hosted by Ohio Lottery, compete in a series of trivia questions and games of chance.

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Cash Explosion keeps audiences entertained across Ohio and beyond with its upbeat atmosphere and thrilling gameplay.

2. Classic Concentration (1987 – 1991):

Alex Trebek hosted Classic Concentration, a television program based on the well-known memory game, which ran from 1987 until 1991. To win, contestants had to reveal matching combinations on a massive game board that was loaded with rewards in pairs.

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Classic Concentration was a huge hit with Columbus viewers during its run because of its hard puzzles and entertaining structure.

3. Jeopardy! (1964 – 1975; 1984 – Present):

Jeopardy! premiered in 1964 and has been a major fixture in Columbus’ television landscape even though it was not initially created there. On Jeopardy!, participants respond to trivia questions in the form of answers; accurate answers win cash prizes.

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The game was first hosted by Art Fleming and was later hosted by Alex Trebek. Jeopardy! is still remembered as a timeless classic in Columbus and beyond because of its mental challenge and catchy theme song.

4. Wheel of Fortune (1975–Present):

First airing in 1975, Wheel of Fortune is another ongoing game show that has had a significant influence on Columbus. Contestants spin a big wheel to select cash prizes and solve word puzzles to earn extra money on this Pat Sajak and Vanna White-hosted show.

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Wheel of Fortune is a popular show among Columbus viewers because of its vibrant set, endearing hosts, and entertaining gameplay.

In the Last

Ultimately, the captivating gameplay, endearing presenters, and noteworthy moments of these four Columbus-based game shows have delighted audiences for decades. These programs—from the thrilling trivia of Cash Explosion to the word puzzles of Wheel of Fortune—have grown to be beloved classics that are deeply woven into Columbus’ cultural heritage.

For many years, viewers in Columbus and other cities have enjoyed fun, thrills, and friendships from these game shows, whether they are watching from home or taking part as competitor.

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