A Real Crime Story: Chicago Mass Shootings Tied to Out-of-Control Parties, What Happened There

A Real Crime Story Chicago Mass Shootings Tied to Out-of-Control Parties, What Happened There

Chicago —

Two distinct mass shootings that happened early on Monday morning, one in Humboldt Park and the other in West Englewood, all within an hour of each other, left 13 people injured in all.

According to witnesses, parties that seemed to have gotten out of hand were the cause of both shootings. Neighbors want authorities to better monitor late-night parties because they believe that both shootings could have been avoided for the same reason.

Shots were fired at a gas station in the 900 block of North Pulaski Road just before one in the morning, according to surveillance footage.

Among those hurt was a fifteen-year-old girl. After being shot in the neck, she was brought to Cook County’s Stroger Hospital.

In fair condition, two women, ages 18 and 19, were transferred to another hospital. Ankle fractured by another woman in her 30s.

In fair condition, two guys, ages 25 and 35, were transferred to nearby hospitals.

A Real Crime Story Chicago Mass Shootings Tied to Out-of-Control Parties, What Happened There (1)
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At the time of the mass shooting, police were already there.

A sign at the intersection of Harding Avenue and Augusta Boulevard, a block away, promoted a party that began at 6 p.m. on Sunday and had no end time.

According to neighbors, there was a party before the gunshot that took place in West Englewood an hour later.


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According to the police, at least seven people were hospitalized when two individuals near a large gathering began firing at one other in the 6000 block of South Winchester Avenue.

After taking a strike to the neck, a man was critically rushed to the University of Chicago Hospital.

Three ladies and two men were transferred to nearby hospitals, according to the police, where they are anticipated to heal from their bodily wounds. Another woman with a grazing wound drove herself to the hospital.

Witnesses stated that they believed the cops ought to have broken up the late-night celebration.

Mary Retta Beamon Robinson stated, “It escalated.” “I don’t even know what happened, but probably none of those people—would guess none of them live over here, because I would say 95% of the people did not live over here.”

Next to her West Englewood house, Rodriguez could hear gunfire after hearing about the party.

It’s unsettling. This place is genuinely terrifying. Rodriguez added, “It’s depressing. “Every day, you hear about someone getting shot; kids getting shot.”

Within 600 feet of a residential neighborhood, noise is prohibited by Chicago’s noise regulations between the hours of 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. In any of these incidents, it was unclear as of late Monday if any complaints had been made.

Robinson remarked, “I have a problem when the parties don’t end.”

At the time of the latest check, police in West Englewood and Humboldt Park reported that no arrests had been made but that they were still looking into the mass shootings.

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