NYC Crime Wave? Lefty Dems Blamed as Shoplifting Complaints Exceed 21,000

NYC Crime Wave Lefty Dems Blamed as Shoplifting Complaints Exceed 21,000 (2)

CCG – Pro-crime progressives who tell lies about public safety in NYC can not be trusted: So far this year, Gotham’s shops have reported 21,578 cases of stealing.

This represents a 5% rise over the outrageous 20,552 crimes that occurred in the previous year; Manhattan is home to nearly 41% of all 2024 crimes.

And that’s a part of a chronic, unpleasant trend.

The number of full-year cases since 2021 has increased dramatically, from 43,892 to 59,137, a nearly 35% rise. However, the true number of cases is undoubtedly much higher, as fatigued retailers are unlikely to record several incidences.

As mentioned, we’re on track to surpass the unacceptably high amount from last year.

Regular New Yorkers are being hit most by the rise of shoplifting.

NYC Crime Wave Lefty Dems Blamed as Shoplifting Complaints Exceed 21,000 (3)

those who work and shop at CVS and Duane Reade, everyday individuals trying to make ends meet.

Theft Over 21,000 reports of stealing have been filed in NYC so far this year, prompting CVS and Walgreens to close their locations.

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They are now under daily danger: Who knows if a cross-wise glance from someone may cause the guy attempting to steal a pallet of Pepsi to brandish a knife or a gun?

Don’t even think about self-defense.

District Attorney Alvin Bragg has made it very clear in Manhattan that you will be subject to the full force of the law if you lend a helping hand to a criminal.

Not to mention how seriously shoplifting damages the social fabric.

The low-level dread and terror that permeates the air in this city—paste toothpaste hidden behind locked doors, shelves emptied—destroys the trust that keeps a city like this one cohesive, not to mention how bothersome it makes basic purchases.

Remember the financial loss as well.

Because shoplifting is so rampant, mega-chains like Walgreens are being forced to close 17 of their shops in Manhattan alone and reevaluate their plans for expansion.

The state’s disastrous criminal justice “reforms” are the true cause, and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, among other crime-loving Democrats, must be bullied and shamed into taking even the smallest steps to combat the issue (such as supporting Gov. Kathy Hochul’s logical legislation protecting retail workers, which Heastie initially opposed).

Work for the fringe and treat the little guy badly; that’s the progressive way of New York.

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