Series of Assaults at Dollar Tree: Woman Reports Disturbing Incident Involving Man

Series of Assaults at Dollar Tree Woman Reports Disturbing Incident Involving Man

CCG – A man is accused of ejaculating on a woman on December 5, 2023, in Houston, Texas, while she was shopping at Dollar Tree. As a result, Dollar Tree is facing legal action.

A woman claimed that in December, while she was shopping at a Texas store, a man secretly ejaculated on her back. She then filed a complaint against Dollar Tree Inc.

The lawsuit was submitted on Monday in Harris County District Court and states that the claimed incident happened on December 5 at around 10:30 a.m. at the business located at 1430 W. Gray St. in Houston.

The woman claimed she was looking through things in one aisle while her buddy was in another, going by her initials, M.R., in the lawsuit to preserve her identity. She claimed that out of nowhere, a man approached her from behind and “began saying sexually explicit things to her.”

The plaintiff quickly left and informed her friend that they had to depart. She watched the man ride out on a bicycle as they were paying for the goods.

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According to the lawsuit, “Plaintiff’s friend noticed something wet and sticky all over the back of Plaintiff’s sweatshirt as she was getting into her car.” “Plaintiff discovered that during the perpetrator’s offensive comments to her inside the store, he had ejaculated on her.”

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According to the lawsuit, the woman and her friend used towels they purchased inside to help clean her off. The suit states that she went home to change into fresh clothing and take a shower in an attempt to “clear her mind off the filthy, upsetting encounter.” Later, when she called her sister, a police officer, she was told to report the event. To talk with staff members, the victim went back to the business.

The clerk allegedly exclaimed at her manager, “We got another one,” after she gave her account of what had happened. According to reports, it was the company’s third attack in four days. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff called the police and provided them with the towels she had used to clean up in the hopes that they would be able to identify the offender using his DNA.

In addition, a store security guard recorded her version of events and accompanied her for a ride in his golf cart to see if she spotted the suspect among the homeless individuals lingering nearby. However, the lawsuit claimed she did not see the man. Employees at Dollar Tree allegedly informed her that although the business had cameras, the incident was not captured by them.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff “has suffered severe mental anguish, emotional distress, and emotional trauma as a result of the sexual assault, which was facilitated by the defendant’s negligence.” “Her symptoms include, but are not limited to, severe anxiety, fear, and mistrust of people, particularly men,” the statement reads.

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Her attorneys contend that the company did not employ enough people, did not put security measures in place, did not notify the police of the occurrence in question or any previous assaults, and did not alert patrons to the recent spate of crimes with a sexual motive.

Her attorney, Anna Greenberg of Blizzard & Greenberg Law, issued a statement in which she called it “shocking and despicable.” “How could my client be violated in the middle of a weekday morning by a total stranger? That in and of itself illustrates how poorly Dollar Tree keeps its customers’ environments safe.

The lawsuit’s plaintiffs also included news articles about how crimes like assaults and thefts frequently occur near dollar stores. Indeed, stealing became so bad at Dollar Tree, according to a CNN article from the previous year, that the retailer had to either lock up some of its merchandise or cease selling it altogether.

The case asks for more than $250,000.

A Dollar Tree representative from Virginia stated that while the company is aware of the case, it is unable to comment on ongoing legal matters.

The representative said, “Know that we take the situation very seriously and are committed to providing our customers with a safe shopping environment.”

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