Texas City Struggles to Manage Rising Squatter Incidents

CCG – A local newspaper claims that a state lawmaker from Texas stated that there are approximately 500 instances of squatters in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

During a hearing on squatting laws on May 16, state Senator Paul Bettencourt, a Republican from District 7, urged that the Senate Committee on Local Government look into ways to define a squatter to address the issue, according to WFAA.

Texas City Struggles to Manage Rising Squatter Incidents

Those without any official claim to a piece of property who have made it their home are known as squatters.

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Squatting cases have surfaced all around the nation in recent months, posing challenging issues for lawmakers attempting to address the issue. A bill to establish a task force to address the issue was put out by a member of the New York council earlier in May.

Safeguarding lawful tenants is one thing, and that’s exactly what we must do.

However, Bettencourt stated at the hearing—during which an owner related a tale of a squatter at her property—that squatters have no right to inhabit what they do not own, according to WFAA.

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