This Is The 3 Arizona Counties Impose Fire Restrictions on State-Owned Properties”

This Is The 3 Arizona Counties Impose Fire Restrictions on State-Owned Properties

CCG – The forestry officials noted that the possibility of another wildfire due to the warmer temperatures and dry conditions led them to declare that a fire restriction will go into place for state land in Gila, Maricopa, and Pinal counties on Thursday morning.

The communities inside the three counties’ worth of state land are subject to stage 1 fire restrictions, which were announced by the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management on Tuesday afternoon.

State parks, highways, right-of-ways, and places under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Department of Game and Fish are among the state-owned and controlled land in the three counties that are subject to fire restrictions. However, incorporated municipalities are not included in this area.

limits “believe restrictions are necessary at this time for public and firefighter safety,” a state forester spokeswoman stated in a news release, following an increase in fire activity in the area as reported by public safety officials.

What you should know about the stage 1 restriction and the forbidden activities is provided below.

How much time is the initial restriction in effect?

This Is The 3 Arizona Counties Impose Fire Restrictions on State-Owned Properties (1)

On Thursday at 8 a.m., the state forester announced that the stage 1 fire restriction for state land in Maricopa, Gila, and Pinal counties will go into effect. It will remain in place until further notice.

What do fire restrictions mean?

Most dangerous activities with high wildfire risk were forbidden by a Stage 1 fire restriction.

According to the forestry department, the following could not be done while the limitation was in effect.

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No starting of fires of any kind—wood, coal, or charcoal—apart from in designated picnic areas or campsites.

No smoking anywhere except in closed cars, houses, upgraded or recreational campsites, and away from combustible materials.

Remove all incendiary devices and pyrotechnics.

Avoid welding or using a torch, like a propane blowtorch or an oxygen-acetylene welder.

Exemptions from any of the restrictions, according to the state agency, would only be granted to local, state, or federal law enforcement, or if all of the land in a given region falls within a municipal limit.

Any exception has to be upheld by the state forester.

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