Do You Know the Top 5 High-Rated Crime Towns in Utah, See Here

Top 5 High-Rated Crime Towns in Utah

CCG – Utah is often regarded as a safe destination to live and visit, thanks to its breathtaking natural scenery and welcoming towns. Like every state, there are, however, some places where crime is more prevalent, so both locals and visitors should be mindful of this.

Top 5 High-Rated Crime Towns in Utah

Here are the top five Utah cities with high crime rates that, for your safety, you should avoid right now:

1. Salt Lake City:

The state capital of Utah features a variety of recreational activities and cultural attractions, but there are also certain regions with higher-than-average crime rates. Certain communities are more likely to experience property crimes like theft and burglary, so both homeowners and guests must exercise caution.

2. Ogden:

Top 5 High-Rated Crime Towns in Utah (1)

This city, which lies north of Salt Lake City, has experienced problems with crime, especially in its downtown region. There are areas of the city where violent crimes like robberies and assaults are increasingly common, which worries locals and police authorities.

3. Provo:

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Generally regarded as a safe city, Provo is home to Brigham Young University. It still has some places with greater crime rates, though, especially in the neighborhoods where more students are living there. Vandalism and alcohol-related charges are among the more frequent crimes in these locations.

4. West Valley City:

One of the biggest cities in Utah, West Valley City has seen crime issues, especially in its western communities. Certain regions have higher rates of drug offenses and gang activity, which puts locals and tourists in danger for safety.

5. Orem:

Although it has a reputation for being a family-friendly city with low crime rates relative to other Utah communities, there are still some sections of Orem with higher crime rates. Certain communities are more likely to experience property crimes like theft and car break-ins, therefore residents must take safety measures to guard their possessions.


Even though these communities offer services and activities, it’s crucial that locals and visitors put safety first and pay attention to their surroundings.

Through vigilant monitoring of crime statistics and appropriate safety measures, people can fully experience Utah’s offerings while reducing their vulnerability to criminal activity.

Furthermore, addressing crime issues and enhancing community safety in these areas can be achieved through collaboration with law enforcement and community organizations.

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