Top 6 Best Places To Raise A Family In New Jersey

Top 6 Best Places To Raise A Family In New Jersey

CCG –  There are many factors to consider when choosing a place to raise a family, including local amenities, safety, educational opportunities, and overall quality of life. Many New Jersey municipalities do a great job of providing a nurturing atmosphere for families.

Top 6 Best Places To Raise A Family In New Jersey

Both charming suburbs and bustling towns can be found on the following list of the top six places in the Garden State to raise a family:

1. Princeton:

This prestigious university, with its historic charm, offers families an exceptional quality of life. Thanks to its well-respected schools, abundance of parks, and cultural attractions, Princeton provides children with engaging educational and recreational opportunities.

The town’s vibrant downtown area, plenty of community events, and a strong sense of community make it the ideal choice for families seeking a balanced lifestyle.

2. Montclair:

Situated just 12 miles west of New York City, this suburban oasis provides easy access to city amenities and tranquil suburban landscapes. Thanks to its diverse population, excellent schools, and vibrant arts scene, Montclair offers families a vibrant and enriching environment.

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The town’s residents have a strong sense of community and belonging because of its historic homes, tree-lined streets, and neighborhood get-togethers.

3. Haddonfield:

Haddonfield is a quaint town in southern New Jersey that is well-known for its historic homes, quaint downtown, and strong sense of community.

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Haddonfield’s top-rated schools, low crime rate, and family-friendly atmosphere provide families with a safe and welcoming environment. The municipality offers recreational opportunities, cultural events, and community clubs to suit the interests and age range of families.

4. Livingston:

A thriving Essex County suburban community, Livingston is well-known for its first-quality school system, low crime rate, and family-friendly amenities.

Livingston offers families a wonderful quality of life because of its well-maintained parks, tree-lined streets, and convenient location in New York City. The town’s strong feeling of community, recreational possibilities, and cultural events make it a fantastic choice for families searching for a close-knit communal setting.

5. Cherry Hill:

A bustling suburban city in Camden County, Cherry Hill is well-known for its diverse neighborhood landscape, top-notch school system, and plenty of recreational opportunities.

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Cherry Hill’s low crime rate, family-friendly amenities, and convenient location near Philadelphia make it a safe and welcoming place for families. Families with diverse interests and ages can take pleasure in the town’s parks, shops, and community events.

6. Westfield:

This charming Union County town is well-known for its historic center, well-respected schools, and a strong sense of community. Westfield, with its tree-lined roads, immaculate parks, and pleasant atmosphere, provides families with a calm and welcoming environment. The town’s cultural events, outdoor activities, and community groups make it an excellent choice for families seeking a close-knit community setting.


In conclusion, the family-friendly amenities, well-recognized schools, and strong feeling of community that these six New Jersey cities have to offer make them stand out.

Whether you’re more of a small-town romantic like Haddonfield or prefer the suburban conveniences of Princeton and Montclair, these six greatest towns in New Jersey to raise a family offer the ideal environment for families to flourish and thrive.

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