Top 6 Oldest Bars in California, This Should Be Your Favorite In One

Top 6 Oldest Bars in California

CCG – Pioneering settlers, gold surges, and cultural evolution are all recounted in abundance in California’s illustrious past. Within the midst of this intricate fabric of narratives, the earliest bars in the state endure as enduring representations of solidarity, companionship, and sociability.

These establishments have endured centuries of transformation while maintaining their unwavering dedication to providing patrons with spirited beverages and anecdotes, spanning from saloons during the Gold Rush to speakeasies during Prohibition.

Top 6 Oldest Bars in California

As we explore the six oldest establishments in California, permit us to raise a glass and embark on a journey through time.

1. San Francisco Saloon (1861):

Established in 1861, The Saloon has been a popular destination for both residents and tourists, situated in the heart of North Beach, the historic Italian district of San Francisco. The Saloon presents an enduring refuge from the fast-paced urban environment, owing to its inviting ambiance, pastoral interior design, and live performances.

2. The Old Ship Saloon – San Francisco (1851):

San Francisco’s Financial District is home to the historic Old Ship Saloon, which is housed in a building dating back to the Gold Rush.

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Established using reclaimed timbers from a whaling vessel, this renowned pub embodies the essence of the seafaring past of the city and evokes a picturesque maritime ambiance.

3. Forest Landing’s The Iron Door Saloon (1852):

The Iron Door Saloon, situated in the scenic community of Groveland near Yosemite National Park, boasts the distinction of being the oldest established saloon in continuous operation in California.

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This venerable establishment, which was founded in 1852 to accommodate Gold Rush laborers, features an eclectic interior design and a historic iron door that formerly guided bank vault access.

4. The Saloon – Ventura (1866):

Situated in the heart of Ventura’s downtown, The Saloon is the oldest in Ventura County, having been established in 1866. Established in 1866, this renowned watering hole has greeted numerous generations of locals and tourists with its relaxed atmosphere, dynamic performances, and a wide array of alcoholic beverages.

5. The Saddle Peak Lodge – Calabasas (1860s):

Established during the 1860s as a stagecoach stop, The Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas has since transformed, becoming a historic restaurant and bar renowned for its romantic ambiance and exquisite culinary fare.

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Situated amidst the Santa Monica Mountains, this renowned establishment presents an exceptional fusion of modern-day elements and an Old West atmosphere.

6. The Palace Saloon – Saloon (1872):

Established in 1872, The Palace Saloon has been a popular destination for both local clients and tourists, occupying a prime location in the historic district of Saloon.

This renowned establishment provides a convivial ambiance, a view into the vibrant history of saloons, and an elaborate mahogany bar alongside vintage furnishings and an ornate design. Guests are invited to enjoy a convivial moment and refresh their spirits.


Presenting a glimpse into bygone epochs while continuing to serve as vital hubs for their respective communities, these six historic establishments stand as living monuments to California’s illustrious past.

These esteemed establishments extend an invitation to individuals with an interest in history, a refined palate for cocktails, or those in search of an unforgettable evening to celebrate the enduring essence of California’s heritage. Guests are treated to a momentous occasion.

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