Top 6 Worst Places To Live in North Carolina, Internet Report Says

Top 6 Worst Places To Live in North Carolina

CCG – North Carolina has several appealing locations to call home. The state is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, extensive history, and friendly southern culture. Like every state, some regions might not have the same amenities or standard of living as others.

Some areas of North Carolina might not be the best for potential inhabitants, whether it’s because of high crime rates, little employment options, or inadequate schooling.

Top 6 Worst Places To Live in North Carolina

Here, we examine the top six Tar Heel State locations that are the worst to call home:

1. Lumberton: Facing Both Poverty and Criminality

Lumberton, which is in southeast North Carolina, has long suffered from severe economic hardships as well as high rates of crime.

The city has struggled with problems like unemployment, poverty, and a lack of infrastructure investment while being close to important thoroughfares. One of the main complaints made by locals about living in Lumberton is the lack of employment options and safety worries.

2. Goldsboro: Fighting Economic Downturn

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Goldsboro, which was once a booming industrial center, has seen economic deterioration in recent decades, which has left the city’s citizens with high rates of poverty and few possibilities. Many people and families find the city to be a less appealing place to reside because of problems like crime, blight, and a failing school system.

3. Rocky Mount: Challenging Renaissance

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Rocky Mount, in eastern North Carolina, has had to deal with issues including population decline and economic downturns. Residents still have to deal with problems including poverty, crime, and a lack of employment possibilities despite efforts to rehabilitate the city’s downtown and draw in new businesses.

4. Wadesboro: A Small Town with Few Resources

Compared to the state’s bigger cities, Wadesboro, a small hamlet in rural North Carolina, offers fewer services and employment possibilities. It’s possible for locals to have to travel far for amusement and necessities. The area has additionally struggled with poverty and an underperforming educational system.

5. Hamlet: Economic Struggles in the Piedmont Region

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Located in North Carolina’s Piedmont region, Hamlet has experienced economic hardship as a result of the textile industry’s downturn. The community has struggled, with high rates of poverty and few job possibilities. As a result, some citizens have left to look for work elsewhere.

6. Roxboro: Restricted Business Possibilities

Roxboro has struggled to draw in businesses and promote economic growth despite its picturesque surroundings in Person County. The community may turn away prospective residents looking for a better quality of life due to its comparatively high rates of poverty and lack of amenities.


In conclusion, even though North Carolina has a lot of thriving and attractive communities, certain regions struggle greatly with issues like poverty, crime, and declining economic growth. While selecting a place to call home in the Tar Heel State, potential residents should carefully evaluate their priorities and perform extensive research.

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