From Mission Era to Modern Day: Top 3 Oldest Schools in California

3 Oldest Schools in California

CCG – California is home to some of the most prestigious and ancient educational institutions in the country, and it is well-known for its progressive outlook and dedication to education. From modest beginnings to esteemed institutions, these schools have been instrumental in forming California’s intellectual scene.

3 Oldest Schools in California

Together, we will take a historical tour of the three oldest schools in California.

1. Mission San Jose Elementary School (Fremont, California – Est. 1850)

Having been established in 1850, Mission San Jose Elementary School in Fremont, California, is one of the state’s oldest public schools still in continuous operation.

Founded in the early years of California statehood, this historic institution is located in Fremont. Mission San Jose Elementary was founded to serve the children of local settlers and missionaries. Despite this shift, the school’s dedication to giving its kids a top-notch education has not changed.

2. University of the Pacific (1851): Located in Stockton, California

One of California’s earliest universities was founded in 1851 and is called the University of the Pacific (UOP). Initially established as California Wesleyan College in Santa Clara by trailblazing Methodist ministers, UOP later moved to its current location in Stockton.

3 Oldest Schools in California (1)

With time, the institution has broadened its range of academic programs and established itself as a leader in innovation, community involvement, and academic quality.

3. San Francisco, California’s San Francisco State University (founded in 1899):

Originally established in 1899 as a regular teacher training institution, San Francisco State University (SFSU) has expanded to become one of California’s biggest and most varied universities.

The school changed its name multiple times before settling on its current one in 1972. It was formerly known as San Francisco State Normal School. SFSU is still a major player in higher education in the Bay Area and beyond thanks to its dedication to social justice, diversity, and academic success.


California’s three oldest schools are testaments to the state’s longstanding dedication to education and rich educational legacy. Every school in California, from the illustrious Mission San Jose Elementary School to the prestigious University of the Pacific and San Francisco State University, has added to the state’s intellectual and cultural landscape.

These schools are unwavering in their commitment to delivering high-quality instruction and promoting the development and prosperity of future generations, even as they change and adapt to meet the ever-changing requirements of both students and society.

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