These are 5 Must-Visit Small Towns in Wyoming Now and in Future

These are 5 Must-Visit Small Towns in Wyoming Now and in Future

There are many Old West towns and quiet mountain villages in Wyoming. You can get to Yellowstone National Park and other great outdoor spots from these towns. In the Wild West and early American history, you can learn about museums, landmarks, historic places, reenactments, rodeos, and more, no matter where you stay.

Check out these 5 must-see small towns in Wyoming. You can spend your time visiting the Bighorn Mountains, fishing in the Green River, or living like you’re on the frontier.

Here are 5 Must-Visit Small Towns in Wyoming


The famous Buffalo Bill Center of the West is in Cody, which is a great place to visit in northwest Wyoming. 5 museums in the complex show how people lived in the Old West and the nature and human history of the area. The museums have displays of animals and artifacts from that time.

You could also go to the Old Trail Town, which is a recreated frontier town with buildings from that time, such as a bar. Cody has a lot of outdoor activities, like fishing, horseback rides, hiking, rock climbing, and attractions from the Wild West.


A fun town on the Wind River, Dubois has cow outfitters, dude farms, and great places to hunt and fish. Elk, wolves, moose, and grizzly bears are just some of the animals that live in Dubois. People like to hike, rock climb, and ride mountain bikes in the huge forest and mountain range.

These are 5 Must-Visit Small Towns in Wyoming Now and in Future (1)

In the winter, you can sled, ski, or drive a snowmobile. The National Bighorn Sheep Center is one of the best things to do in Dubois. It is a building whose sole purpose is to protect and promote the worth of Wyoming’s bighorn sheep.

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Sheridan is a town from the Old West. It has beautiful mountains, lots of open space, and lots of peace. For more city life, you can visit the historic city center area, which has great restaurants, live arts and culture, and Wild West attractions like the SAGE Community Arts Center and the Brinton Museum.

You can hike and bike through the Bighorn Mountains to see the scenery, find secret fishing holes, and try famous climbing spots. The Porcupine Falls walk is one of the best ways to see nature. The falls are beautiful and come down from a granite wall in the mountain.


Jackson is a small city in the Jackson Hole Valley. Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Snow King Mountain are all close to Jackson. A lot of people visit the city to go climbing, mountain biking, skiing, snowshoeing, and mountaineering.

There is also a lot of culture and history in the city. For example, at the Jackson Hill Rodeo, you can experience the Old West again, and at the National Museum of Wildlife Art, you can see works of art that are treasures.


Pinedale is a popular place to stay for hunters and the starting point for trips to the Wind River Mountains and Jackson Hole. The town is surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks, wild rivers, more than a thousand lakes, and lots of wildlife, making it a great place to go on vacation and do things outside.

People like to ski, snowboard, snowmobile, and fish through the ice in Pinedale in the winter. Many events happen all year long that give people a look into the past of the pioneers. For example, the Green River Rendezvous is a reenactment of historic meetings of fur traders, complete with vendors and rodeos.

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Small communities in Wyoming provide a window into the natural beauty and rich history of the state. These five cities offer a wide variety of attractions, catering to different interests such as outdoor activities, culture, and Wild West lore. These little communities are set to dazzle tourists for years to come as Wyoming looks to the future while embracing its legacy.

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