After Shooting Arrest, Douglas Man Faces Fresh Legal Trouble with Drug Charges

After Shooting Arrest, Douglas Man Faces Fresh Legal Trouble with Drug Charges

In another ongoing case, a 23-year-old who entered a guilty plea to a shooting in 2022 was taken into custody about five months after being released from the Coffee County Jail, according to court records. Approximately one and a half years had passed since the culprit began serving his 20-year probation sentence, according to court records.

A report from the Coffee County Drug Unit states that on January 31, drug investigators carried out a search warrant at a house located on Alderman Drive. Detectives said that shortly before the search, they saw the probationer, Marquavius Walker, leave the house.

The report states that Walker was stopped a short distance away and that $618 was discovered in his possession. Detectives found digital scales, $2,500, and a quantity of suspected cocaine at the house.

One count of possessing cocaine with the intent to distribute was brought against Walker upon his arrest.

In April 2018, Walker was taken into custody on suspicion of robbing someone in 2017, according to court records. A copy of the warrant states that Walker was charged with taking $314 with a gun from another man. He was accused of carrying out or attempting to carry out several felonies while in possession of a knife or handgun, as well as armed robbery. According to court records, Walker was freed on bond in June 2018.

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He was arrested once more in 2020 while he was out on bond for a single charge of aggravated assault related to a shooting. The Douglas Police Department released a news release on August 8th, stating that a man was discovered on the East Baker Highway, bleeding profusely from a gunshot wound to the neck. According to the DPD, the victim survived his injuries after being life-flighted to Savannah for treatment.

According to authorities, Walker was one of the three people detained in this case after a witness identified him as one of the gunmen.

The charges against Walker in his prior case—armed robbery—were dropped in March 2022 while he was still in detention. Assistant District Attorney John Rumker stated “prosecutorial discretion” as the justification for the dismissal.

In the case pertaining to the 2020 shooting, Walker entered a guilty plea to aggravated assault two months later, in May 2022, per court records. The records also indicate that he received a $2,500 fine in addition to a 20-year probationary term.

Walker was one of four people detained in Houston County in May 2022, a year after entering a plea, after deputies pulled down a car on I-17 and found $20,000, a gun, and what seemed to be drugs.

A report from the Coffee County narcotics Unit states that at the time, local detectives were looking into Walker and the other people arrested in connection with a local narcotics enterprise.

Copies of an earlier Coffee County Jail roster indicate that Walker was jailed in Houston County but was transferred to the Coffee County Jail on May 17. Furthermore, documents suggest that he was freed at some point in 2023, either in mid-August or mid-September.

Based on the CCSO jail roster, Walker has been detained since his most recent arrest.

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