Alabama Committee Moves Forward with Bill to Define Gender in State Law

Alabama Committee Moves Forward with Bill to Define Gender in State Law

Alabama’s Montgomery (WIAT) – A plan to define “man” and “woman” in state law was advanced by a Senate committee in Alabama on Tuesday.

The “What is a Woman Act,” a similar bill from the previous year, did not receive a full vote. Although the measure this year does not contain that same language, it is essentially the same.

The terms “man,” “woman,” “male,” “female,” “mother,” “father,” “boy,” “girl,” and “sex” are added to state law by SB92. In certain situations, it permits public institutions to create facilities exclusively for single people. Additionally, identifying a person as male or female at birth is a requirement for individuals who gather vital statistics.

Sen. April Weaver, the bill’s sponsor, claims that it safeguards women’s spaces and gives courts more guidance on how to interpret Alabama law.

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“Aside from defining what constitutes a man and a woman, we are not establishing anything new. And once more, I think it’s critical that we have that definition in place as we fight for women’s rights in the state of Alabama, said Weaver (R-Brierfield).

The bill’s opponents in Congress claim that it discriminates against transgender persons. Sen. Merika Coleman (D-Bham) declared, “They have a bogeyman now, bogeywoman right now, and that’s trans women, and they’re going to keep sponsoring legislation to attack this group of people.”

Concerns over the method of enforcement were also voiced by the opponents. This truly breaks my heart. Sen. Linda Coleman-Madison (D-Bham) stated, “Because we spend all of this time trying to keep people down who are not like us.”

Before the measure was formally passed, the committee approved two revisions to it. When intersex is acknowledged, one permits “unknown” to appear on a birth certificate. The other continues, saying gender identity is not a part of sex.

Prior to the bill’s hearing, Governor Kay Ivey offered her opinion, stating that she is proud to have the first female chief of staff in the state and that she supports women’s rights.

Thus, I’m all about the definition of a lady. said Governor Ivey. The entire Senate will then vote on the bill.

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