Alabama Power Offers $5 Rebate to Select Customers: Understanding the Reason

Alabama Power Offers $5 Rebate to Select Customers Understanding the Reason

Once the corporation exceeded the state-permitted 6.15% profit ceiling in 2023, the Alabama Public Service Commission reports that certain Alabama Power customers may shortly receive a $5 credit.

President of the APSC Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh stated, “When there is an overage earned, it goes back to the customer,” during the commission meeting on February 6.

A $5 credit for overpayments from the previous year will be applied to the account of a typical residential user using 1,000 kilowatts.

According to the APSC, Alabama Power customers will get a refund of about $14.8 million over the next few months. Customers will have gotten refunds before for other occasions. A total of $62 million, or about $23 per person, was refunded to customers throughout the state in 2023. recently revealed that a number of customers have already voiced worries about being overcharged in 2024.

Someone tweeted on January 26 that “the good people of this state know that this MONOPOLY is using us and charging us what they want to.”

Alabama Power Offers $5 Rebate to Select Customers Understanding the Reason (1)

“I have a $300 light bill and am cold in my house with nothing on. We’re aware of what you’re doing, just so Alabama Power knows. And it’s absurd.

Following several modifications that it ascribed to government regulations, inflation, and general economic conditions, the company has not raised rates in approximately a year.

Anthony Cook, principal in charge of communications for Alabama electricity, believes that the state’s significant cold snap in late December/early January is more likely to blame for rising electricity costs.

“The exceptionally low temperatures that have been experienced across the state recently have led to customers using more electricity than they typically would, which has resulted in higher power bills in certain cases,” he previously told

“Our customers’ power bills for this month [January] demonstrate the amount of energy required to maintain our homes warm throughout many days with temperatures below 20 degrees. Indeed, during the first three weeks of the year, the average low temperature in a large portion of Alabama was much below freezing, he noted.

A request for comment regarding the impending rebates was not immediately answered by Alabama Power officials.

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