Building Tomorrow’s Skills! Memorial Satilla Contributes $100,000 to SGSC SIM Lab Project

Building Tomorrow's Skills! Memorial Satilla Contributes $100,000 to SGSC SIM Lab Project

To build a new simulation lab for the School of Nursing on the Waycross Campus, Memorial Satilla Health is pleased to collaborate with South Georgia State College. The hospital recently donated $100,000 from the community benefit fund to help with the new lab’s construction costs.

“Furthermore, funding the education and training of aspiring nurses demonstrates our commitment to promoting patient care excellence as well as our commitment to healthcare.

“We are influencing the future of healthcare and having a long-lasting effect on the well-being of our community by fostering the development of knowledgeable and caring nursing professionals,” stated Dale Neely, CEO of Memorial Satilla Health.

Recent Report Says

Waycross, Ware County, and the surrounding area have benefited greatly from Memorial Satilla Health’s community-first philosophy since its inception. The hospital improves lives not just within its walls but also by funding several charitable and educational endeavors in our area, according to Dr. Greg Tanner, interim president of SGSC.

Building Tomorrow's Skills! Memorial Satilla Contributes $100,000 to SGSC SIM Lab Project (1)

“This donation will have a revolutionary effect on the nursing program at South Georgia State College, and I am excited to watch our staff and students benefit from this kindness. I am pleased with SGSC and Memorial Satilla Health’s educational collaboration.

“I am overjoyed that Memorial Satilla Health has given me this gift. In addition to the invaluable clinical experiences that students already obtain in the hospital, our faculty can offer a more realistic hospital setting for them on campus with this support, according to Dr. Jaime Carter, dean of SGSC’s School of Nursing.

The bulk of newly hired nurses at Memorial Satilla are South Georgia State College alums, per the facility’s hiring records.

One of the biggest projects is for enhancing skills. A Huge Thank you SGSC!

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