Doral Under Siege: Miami-Dade Police Seek ‘Porch Pirates’ Targeting Local Homes

Doral Under Siege Miami-Dade Police Seek 'Porch Pirates' Targeting Local Homes

According to local sources, neighbors in Doral and Miami are on high alert following a series of egregious parcel thefts, one of which involved a child who was only old enough to tie their shoes.

According to WSVN, police are searching for a “porch pirate” who was seen on camera stealing items from a man’s doorway in Doral, including a phone case and car freshener. In a more startling turn of events, officials, and locals were alarmed when a little youngster was seen taking part in a comparable heist across town while being supervised by an adult.

The little offender, who is said to be between five and seven years old, got captured stealing a package off a porch in Miami’s Silver Bluff area, which alarmed homeowner Amelia. She found out about the theft through her Ring security camera footage.

The child, wearing a red tracksuit and a white beanie, was shown on camera being told to grab a package carrying $40 worth of clothing by an adult wearing a hoodie in a disturbing scene.

Amelia conveyed her dismay in an interview that CBS News Miami was able to secure, saying, “I am speechless.” I’m at a loss for words.”

Doral Under Siege Miami-Dade Police Seek 'Porch Pirates' Targeting Local Homes (1)

The fact that a small child is involved in such crimes horrifies the authorities.

Spokesman for Miami Police Mike Vega expressed his shock to CBS News Miami, emphasizing how tragic the event was by saying, “I have never witnessed a case where people are doing this. There are porch pirates everywhere they go. However, this is the first time I have seen this done with a youngster.” He threatens the adult who took advantage of the minor to commit larceny with grave repercussions.

Someone has made a public appeal for help, asking anyone who knows anything about the youngster or the female collaborator to come forward. Neighbor reports imply that the mother and child may be residents of the same community that they are targeting.

As Vega said, Amelia also underlined how crucial it is to report these offenses to improve police. “You must contact and report crimes like these,” he stated, emphasizing the need for reporting in order to support police in properly handling these situations. Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers is now accepting tips at (305) 471-TIPS (8477) that could lead to the capture of the perpetrators of these unsettling robberies.

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