EXCLUSIVE UPDATE! New Florida Publix Boasts Unique Amenities and Rare Design

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE! New Florida Publix Boasts Unique Amenities and Rare Design

Even in 2024, Publix has not been short of new locations. I’ve written about five new Publix stores launching in just four weeks in January 2024 alone.

Arguably, that kind of rapid development is noteworthy, but what’s even more noteworthy is that one of these stores had amenities and a design that were exclusive to just two other stores in the US, one of which is in Florida. With the launch of a new store in Florida, that has altered.

Concerning The Uncommon 3 Publix Stores

Publix debuted a new shop in South Tampa in 2020 and experimented with many new amenities and design elements. In particular, the store had a free-standing deli island, a larger footprint (about 48,000 square feet), and a focus on ready-made and to-go meals.

Progressive Grocer reported that when the full deli was on the sales floor, the produce and meat aisles appeared “a little smaller”.

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE! New Florida Publix Boasts Unique Amenities and Rare Design (1)

The second floor contains a sizable dining room with Pours, a bar serving coffee, beer, wine, and kombucha, as well as a wide area for pick-up products.

On Google reviews, customers rate this store 4.6 out of 5 stars. Several of the store’s new conveniences are appreciated by many.

Craig, a reviewer, wrote

Excellent Publix. It features an excellent deli with a sizable topping bar for pub subs, a nice assortment of sushi, and meals that are ready to go. The remaining parts are all sizable and attractively organized. It even features a microwave in the upper parlor where you may cook and enjoy meals.”

The Tampa Bay Business Journal states that, up until recently, the only other store with these amenities in addition to the Gandy store was a new store that opened in Louisville, Kentucky. However, it is no longer the case.

The New Florida Store: On January 25, 2024, a brand-new location opened in Wesley Chapel. Including the island deli and coffee bar, it is 55,701 square feet and shares many of the same elements as the Gandy store.

According to Google ratings, the recently opened Publix has received an impressive 4.9 stars out of 5. Samantha, one of the reviewers, wrote:

“Wow – great convenient location and lots of lunch options for remote workers.”

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