Experts Claim, ‘Hunter Indicted the Bidens of Using a “Nuclear Bomb,” As Joe Sounds Like Clinton During the Lewinsky Incident.’

Experts Claim, ‘Hunter Indicted the Bidens of Using a “Nuclear Bomb,” As Joe Sounds Like Clinton During the Lewinsky Incident.’

In a significant development, a California grand jury has issued an indictment against Hunter Biden, the first son of President Biden. Anticipating the potential repercussions, political analysts foresee a challenging situation for President Biden, suggesting that the indictment could create a self-constructed “trap.”

This comes as President Biden continues to refute allegations of involvement in influence-peddling with his brother and son, dismissing them as “lies.” A grand jury in the Central District of California, which includes Los Angeles, delivered the indictment. The legal proceedings add a new layer of complexity to the ongoing scrutiny surrounding the Biden family.

Many individuals believed that David Weiss would overlook the charges against Hunter Biden, allowing him to escape accountability for earning millions overseas. Former Rep. Sean Duffy from Wisconsin expressed this sentiment, stating that many considered such leniency inappropriate.

Indictment excerpts obtained by Fox News claim that the defendant, Hunter Biden, engaged in a four-year scheme to avoid paying at least $1.4 million in self-assessed taxes for the years 2016 through 2019.

Duffy further speculated that if the legal situation for the Bidens worsens in the Los Angeles case, Democrats might seek an “off ramp” and turn to the governor known for his distinctive hair gel in the 2024 elections.

George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley recently appeared on Fox News and commented on the indictment of Hunter Biden. Turley stated that the indictment may rhetorically box in President Biden due to his long-held denials of knowledge or participation in his son’s foreign business dealings. Turley also compared Biden’s denials to former President Clinton’s famous attestation, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” during the 1998 Whitewater-Lewinsky scandal.

In Turley’s assessment, Biden’s assertion of not having interactions with certain individuals echoes a familiar refrain: “I mean, [Biden is] saying ‘I did not have interactions with those people’.” Turley compared his unsuccessful strategy and Clinton’s, noting, ,”It didn’t work for Clinton. And it’s even more insulting here.” He highlighted polling data indicating a lack of belief in Biden’s statement, with a majority of Americans, including Democrats, expressing skepticism on this matter.

Turley juxtaposed this public sentiment with his prediction, stating that he anticipates no Democratic support for the GOP’s impeachment inquiry.

Turley highlighted that the president is facing a predicament of his own creation. During his campaign, the president assured the American people that he did not know about certain transactions, a claim that has been directly contradicted. Hunter Biden himself contradicted his father, while a close associate of Hunter dismissed the idea, stating that it’s nonsense and, of course, the president knew about it.

According to Turley, Joe Biden finds himself stuck with a story that is impossible to uphold. He emphasized that the Justice Department allowed the statute of limitations to expire on the “most serious” potential charges against Hunter Biden.

Turley also suggested that Republicans might face a political setback due to the indictment announcement. If Hunter Biden chooses to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination, it could potentially hinder Congress’ ability to question him under oath, resulting in a political loss for the Republicans.

Charles Hurt, the opinion editor at The Washington Times, shared his perspective on Fox News, stating that the recent indictment must be like a “nuclear bomb going off for the Biden family.” According to Hurt, this development could be particularly worrisome for President Biden as he gears up for his reelection, considering the potential implications of his son being indicted for something he may or may not be involved in.

Hurt emphasized another aspect of the situation, pointing out that regardless of whether Joe Biden is completely free of any legal or business connections to the matter, he has repeatedly lied to the American people about it. This, in Hurt’s view, adds another layer of complexity to the situation.

Harvard Law Professor-Emeritus Alan Dershowitz shared his thoughts on the Hunter Biden indictment during an interview with FOX News. He credited Delaware Judge Maryellen Noreika for ensuring that the case wasn’t swept under the rug. According to Dershowitz, Judge Noreika rejected a plea deal between the Biden Justice Department and Hunter Biden’s attorneys.

Speaking on “Hannity,” Dershowitz stated, “Judge Noreika made sure that this was not all covered up by a deal that made no sense.” Despite facing criticism for his prediction, Dershowitz had previously expressed on various shows, including FOX News, that Judge Noreika would not accept the deal. As it turned out, she did reject it, leading to more information about the case becoming public. Dershowitz emphasized that Judge Noreika’s decision was the right one, allowing more transparency for the American public.

Dershowitz suggested that the Justice Department’s next move should involve appointing an independent “real” special counsel, separate from the Department of Justice (DOJ). He argued for this appointment to replace Weiss, who currently serves as both the U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware and the special counsel in the Hunter Biden case.

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett previously pointed to federal regulation 28 CFR 600.3, which states that a special counsel should be chosen from outside the U.S. government. Jarrett had used this regulation in a previous argument questioning Weiss’ overall validity in the role.

Dershowitz emphasized the importance of having a credible special counsel who can impartially investigate and either clear or accuse President Biden. He expressed concern that if the matter turns into solely an impeachment issue, it could lead to a divided public opinion similar to what happened during the Trump presidency. Dershowitz believes that a credible special counsel could provide a more universally accepted a resolution for the American public.

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