Heartbreak in Georgia: Deputy’s 8-Year-Old Grandson Battles for Survival

Heartbreak in Georgia Deputy's 8-Year-Old Grandson Battles for Survival

In a hospital in Augusta, the 8-year-old grandson of a Georgia cop killed in the line of duty is currently struggling for his life.

Hendrix David Avery, the late deputy David Gilstrap’s grandson, has been hospitalized since December 16 in severe condition following a series of medical problems. Since then, he has undergone numerous surgeries, had part of his left leg amputated, and experienced sepsis, COVID-19, pneumonia, kidney failure, sepsis, cardiac arrest, and seizures.

Gilstrap, his grandfather, was an Oconee County deputy who was struck by a car in 2008 and died while performing his duties.

Heartbreak in Georgia Deputy's 8-Year-Old Grandson Battles for Survival (1)

In remembrance of Gilstrap’s badge number, a GoFundMe page was initially established to raise $3,639 to assist the family. Since then, the family has received more than $34,000 in donations.

As Hendrix continues to face medical setbacks—the most recent being seizures brought on by COVID-19—friends have come together to support the family.

Speaking about seizures, there is currently a perception that COVID-19 is to blame. According to a friend Louisa Herrera, on a GoFundMe established to support the family, seizures, particularly in youngsters who are otherwise asymptomatic, are the predominant presenting feature of the most recent version (SARS-CoV-2 omicron) of COVID.

The family wants to raise awareness across the country about the potential for seizures in children due to the most recent COVID-19 variation.

According to Herrera, Hendrix is expected to stay in the Children’s Hospital of Georgia for two or three months before potentially being moved to CHOA in Atlanta for his recovery.

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