Legal Spotlight: Downtown Cincinnati Assault Suspect’s Court Appearance

Legal Spotlight Downtown Cincinnati Assault Suspect's Court Appearance

Cincinnati — In court on Wednesday, the mother of one of the suspects in the downtown attacks argued on behalf of her son. Jadin Shaw, age 18, is being prosecuted for the assault that occurred on East 6th Street.

In this case, a 14-year-old is also charged. Shaw’s lawyer requested in court on Wednesday that the judge lower Shaw’s bond.

His family posted the $10,000 bond that was first imposed. Shaw hasn’t been into any further trouble, according to his lawyer, since he was set free.

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However, Shaw’s bond was then increased by the magistrate to $50,000 at 10%. Shaw’s lawyer claims that his family lacks the funds to upload that.

“This choice does not define his life; in fact, I am positive that it does not define the kind of person he is. I’m sorry for the disturbance; my family has been through a lot.”

Given the significant charges against Shaw and the potential harm he could cause to the public, the judge opted to maintain Shaw’s bond at its current level.

In addition, the judge informed Shaw’s family that Shaw would probably have to spend some time in jail for these accusations.

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