Legislative Proposal Seeks to Crack Down on Youth Gun Possession with Harsher Penalties

Legislative Proposal Seeks to Crack Down on Youth Gun Possession with Harsher Penalties

Tampa: A law imposing harsher punishments on children found carrying firearms in Florida is getting closer to passing. On Wednesday, a bill that would make the penalties more severe will be heard by the Florida House.

Authors of the Juvenile Justice Bill included Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. Dec. 1 Gualtieri stated, “The laws need to change.” “These kids must be put in jail or prison. We must become serious and firm. Forward a note “He uttered.

Abrille Baldwin, 23, passed away, and Gualtieri hosted a news conference where the remarks were made. He claimed that while Baldwin attempted to diffuse a fight between him and their 15-year-old brother on Christmas Eve regarding Christmas presents, her 14-year-old brother shot and murdered her. Then, according to reports, the 15-year-old shot his sibling.

Gualtieri remarked at the news conference, “This is the worst I’ve ever seen—the proliferation of guns on the streets, in this area, and the hands of these kids.”

Legislative Proposal Seeks to Crack Down on Youth Gun Possession with Harsher Penalties (1)
Previous accusations of gun possession were filed against both brothers. Similar to the firearms used in the majority of local adolescent crimes, Gualtieri expressed his suspicion that the firearms used in the Christmas Eve shooting in Largo were taken from unlocked automobiles. Don’t leave your guns in your car, they advise and lock your doors.

What occurs to them after that? I see. He’s just fourteen. His comprehension of the situation is truly lacking. He will only be placed on probation. That isn’t functioning. “This slap on the wrist isn’t working,” Gualtieri remarked.

It was being worked on before Baldwin’s passing, he claimed. “I hope the Florida Legislature in the upcoming legislative session will get serious about it and will pass legislation that will hold these kids accountable and help us to slow this down because if we don’t slow it down, we’ve got a big problem,” Gualtieri continued.

Instead of being a first-degree misdemeanor, the bill would elevate juveniles’ first unlawful gun possession to a third-degree felony. Additionally, a child’s potential to stay in a juvenile detention institution might lengthen as a result. Five days would pass for a first-time offender. A third offense would result in commitment to juvenile residential treatment, while a second offense would last 21 days.

When these kinds of transgressions are addressed, Representative Berny Jacques declared, “We’re going to be safer as a result.”

The sponsor of House Bill 1191 is Jacques. “In my experience as a prosecutor in the adult court system, I can attest that this will benefit these youth. It was far less merciful when they were in the adult system, Jacques added, “You had young people who were getting away with the same offenses as juveniles.”

Thursday, the House’s companion bill will be heard by the Senate’s Fiscal Policy Committee.

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