Marriage With Cousin in Alabama, Is It Illegal, Here What’s Law Says!

Marriage With Cousin in Alabama, Is It Illegal, Here What's Law Says!

There are big differences in marriage laws across the United States, and one thing that gets noticed is if cousin marriages are allowed. Similar to numerous other states, Alabama has laws governing cousin marriages.

This article explores Alabama’s legal framework of cousin marriage and offers insights into the pertinent statutes and their ramifications.

Alabama Laws Regarding Cousin Marriage:

Alabama law forbids marriage between some close relatives, including first cousins, as of my last knowledge update in January 2022. Section 13A-13-3 of the Code of Alabama describes the types of relationships that are forbidden from leading to marriage. It particularly mentions ties between relatives, such as cousins.

According to the pertinent legal clause, unions are null and void and deemed incestuous if they take place between:

  • Siblings, whether full or partial blood.
  • Uncle and either a niece or a nephew.
  • aunt as well as a niece or nephew.
  • first cousins.

Consequences of Breaking Laws Governing Cousin Marriage:

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In Alabama, it is illegal to marry a cousin, and doing so could make the marriage null and invalid. When a marriage is deemed legally void, it might provide obstacles for the couples in terms of inheritance, property rights, and other marital advantages.

Legal Considerations and Exceptions:

It’s crucial to remember that laws might change and that specific areas may have exceptions. As per the most recent update to our knowledge, Alabama does not specifically grant exceptions for cousin weddings.

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Those thinking about getting into such a union should be aware of the laws that are in place at the moment and think about getting legal counsel to fully grasp any potential ramifications.

Public Attitude and Legal Shifts:

Legal debates on cousin marriage frequently touch on issues of cultural values, individual liberty, and possible health hazards to progeny. Although as of my most recent update, Alabama still forbade cousin marriage, popular attitudes and legal viewpoints can change over time.

In Summary:

Knowing and following Alabama law is essential for anyone thinking about getting married to a cousin in the state. As on the most recent update to our knowledge, first cousin weddings are illegal in Alabama. It’s wise to keep up with any changes to the law and, if necessary, seek legal advice.

For the most updated information about cousin marriage laws in Alabama, people should refer to the most reputable and recent sources as marriage rules are subject to change.

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