NBA Star Luka Doncic’s Remark on Live TV Leaves Audience Astounded

NBA Star Luka Doncic's Remark on Live TV Leaves Audience Astounded

NBA fans were astounded by the performance Dallas Mavericks players Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic gave against the Brooklyn Nets.

Upon seeing Irving’s alley-oop during their 119-107 victories over the Nets on Tuesday, which threw social media into a frenzy, Doncic, 24, was “surprised”.

When Doncic doubled off a pick-and-roll by the Net’s defense with ten minutes left in the third quarter, the play happened early in the second half.

Doncic, though, managed to escape a turnover and found Josh Green, who subsequently delivered Irving an alley-oop as he shot through the air for the spectacular slam.

Following the game, Doncic was questioned about Irving’s dunk by the TNT broadcast.

“I had no idea.

NBA Star Luka Doncic's Remark on Live TV Leaves Audience Astounded (1)

Doncic remarked, “That s**t was nice.”

Following Irving’s dunk and Doncic’s response, NBA fans reacted on social media.

“My god, did you witness that incredible lob jam from Kyrie Irving? That seems like it belonged in a video game! With Kyrie defying all rules of physics who needs gravity? This admirer said, “That’s Air Irving.”

This is some 2k stuff, haha,” said someone another. “Like Vince Carter in New Jersey, Kyrie Irving dunks that alley-oop. How come?” A third expressed amazement.

“Haha, Luka’s response is the cutest,” said a fourth.

Though many NBA players rank Irving as one of the greatest lay-up finishers in the history of the game, Irving isn’t particularly known for his ability to shoot jump shots.

Shaquille O’Neal on TNT heard NBA icon Jamaal Crawford say that Irving is among the greatest finishers of all time.

“You’re not concerned about stopping him, which makes him one of the greatest players in one-on-one history.” “You just want to avoid seeming foolish. He is among the most entertaining players to watch while finishing near the rim.”

However, when returning to Brooklyn, where he played for four seasons before relocating to Dallas, he displayed his best game.

In their 12-point triumph, Doncic contributed 35 points, 18 rebounds, and nine assists, while Irving finished with a game-high 36 points and five assists.

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