New York top 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

The Source’s New York City Crime and Safety Report came out yesterday, and it had some shocking findings from all five neighborhoods. All 69 neighborhoods in New York City were given a score based on the amount of violent crime, rape, robbery, grand theft, felony assault, burglary, and car theft.

It was found that places like Midtown Manhattan and Greenwich Village were more dangerous than Harlem and Washington Heights, which is not what you might think.

New York Most Dangerous Neighborhoods


The middle part of Manhattan is one of the busiest places in the city, even though only 74,717 people live there. It’s full of tourists, office and support workers, and people just looking around. Even though Midtown is in the middle of everything, it was ranked 69th out of 69 for general safety.

There were 729 big crimes for every 10,000 people in Midtown. Along with that, there were 146% more violent assaults and 146% more rapes than the previous year. Overall, the number of serious crimes did drop by 7% in 2010, which is great since it is the city’s tourist and party hub. At the same time, Midtown is still the most likely spot in New York City to be robbed.

Hunts Point

People have been working hard over the last few years to clean up industrial Hunts Point, which had a bad name for crime and prostitutes in general. Crimes like murder, carjacking, burglaries, and recorded rapes have gone down thanks to programs and funds.

Even with all of these attempts, Hunts Point got a 67/69 for crime. With 135 serious crimes against every 100,000 people, the neighborhood was at the very bottom of the list. There were also rises in robberies (26%), sex crimes that aren’t felonies (67%), and rapes (67%).


While Brownsville’s tagline is “Never ran, never will,” we wouldn’t call that good advice since the area is known as the murder capital of New York. In the city as a whole, Brownsville had the most killings and shootings per person.

In the past few years, theft, murder, and other crimes have gone down, but not enough to keep Brownsville from being ranked as the 66th least safe city in the world. People from the area, like Larry King, Mike Tyson, and Levance Fields, would not be pleased.

Fort Greene

The costs of homes in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill have gone up a lot thanks to gentrification. Overall crime has also gone down, but not enough to make the area safer than 64th best. It now ranks 55/69 for violent crime and 63/69 for property crime.

This part of the city is pretty unsafe because it only has a little more than 50,000 people living in it, there are some dangerous housing projects nearby, and it is close to other low-ranking areas. Last year, there were more thefts and killings.


Back in the day, Hell’s Kitchen was known for its dangerous gang activity, and Chelsea was known as a drug haven. Today, crime, especially serious crime, has gone down a lot in both of these places, but not enough to move them out of the bottom ten.

Property crime in these areas ranked 65th overall, with a lot of chain and purse snatchers and bank thieves. Big theft has gone up 46% since 2001, and rape has also gone up 67% in the same time period.

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