Riverview Man Faces Charges for Illicit Surveillance of Employees at Marijuana Facility, HCSO Reports

Riverview Man Faces Charges for Illicit Surveillance of Employees at Marijuana Facility, HCSO Reports

Christopher Scipio, 27, allegedly used a camera to capture people in intimate moments in the restroom of the Verano Grow Facility, which grows marijuana for the merchant MUV, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

On June 30, 2023, someone found a cell phone concealed under the sink that was recording in the direction of the toilet, according to deputies who responded to a plea for assistance from the facility.

Casey Minuto of HCSO declared, “It’s disgusting.” Kind of makes you wonder, ‘Who would do something like this?’ violate someone’s right to privacy and such a private moment?”

Investigators discovered that there were about 17 obscene videos of the victims on the cell phone. The owner of the cellphone was Scipio, according to HCSO. Scipio allegedly attempted to claim his phone as stolen in an attempt to remove the data after deputies took it as evidence.

Following a six-month inquiry, Scipio was placed under arrest on February 1st after a warrant was obtained for his arrest. With a $72,000 bond, he is being held in the Hillsborough County jail.

Riverview Man Faces Charges for Illicit Surveillance of Employees at Marijuana Facility, HCSO Reports (1)

“Our detectives for the last few months have been working tirelessly to piece this together, uncover footage, contact victims, and let them know,” Minuto said.

Scipio faces the following accusations:

31 charges of video voyeurism; tampering with tangible evidence; and using a two-way communication device unlawfully are among the charges. There can be more costs in the future.

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The things that this man is doing are disgusting and shameful. Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister declared, “We will not stand for this exploitation and invasion of privacy. The victim who came forward deserves my praise because it’s possible that her actions stopped other people from becoming victims.

One obstacle to preventing additional humiliation for victims, according to the nonprofit Protect All Children From Trafficking, is that sharing films of other people’s private moments online is still legal.

It’s unclear, according to Hillsborough County deputies, whether any footage was posted online.

Alex Delgado, a spokesman for PACT, stated that “even taking down child sexual abuse material online is difficult.” “To try and take it down for an adult is even more difficult.”

The only offense in this situation is recording someone above 19 in secret. Deputies said that Scipio was put down by a female coworker who reported it to supervisors, who then dispatched deputies.

Minuto remarked, “I feel so bad for them.” “Anything so personal would make me feel ashamed and disgusted. It’s merely there for some repulsive individual to view.”

Scipio was fired right away, according to MUV.

Investigators think this crime may involve more victims. Please give 813-247-8200 a call if you have any information.

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