SE Houston Road Rage Shooting: Suspect Claims Ignorance in 7-Year-Old’s Injury

SE Houston Road Rage Shooting Suspect Claims Ignorance in 7-Year-Old's Injury

Houston – Court documents disclosed that a suspect who is suspected of hurting a 7-year-old during a road rage gunshot in southeast Houston had previously informed police that he was unaware of the incident.

Police stated on Friday that Marcus Keith Burns, 29, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the incident on July 9, 2023, but he is still at large.

A traffic stop in July 2023 resulted in his earlier stop. In addition, according to court records, he was contacted by an officer last year regarding the road rage shooting and informed that he was unaware of it.

What Happened

When Rosmeri Sabio heard someone honking on July 9, 2023, she was stopped at a traffic light and looking through her phone. Because a car was still beside her at the traffic light, she believed the light had just turned green.

As per the court document, she repeatedly changed lanes and proceeded to the left lane to avoid the car, but the vehicle continued to follow her.

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Also, according to a witness, Burns turned Sabio off. Burns moved up next to Sabio, who was driving in the left lane and began shooting at her vehicle.

Shot in the back right passenger seat was her 7-year-old daughter. Her thigh and leg were cut, and she screamed. Then, according to court records, Burns drove off and zigzagged down the street.

Later, a witness reported to the police After cutting Sabio off, Burns bolted in front of her vehicle. They persisted in overtaking one another while driving.

Authorities added that the witness expressed doubts about Sabio’s intention to elude him due to their rapid speed.

For now, Burns is still wanted by the Police.

The HPD Major Assaults and Family Violence Division can be reached at 713-308-8800. Alternatively, you can call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS to speak with an anonymous agent about Burns’ whereabouts.

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