Shocking Footage: Charlotte Mother’s Reaction to Daycare Video of Her Child

Shocking Footage Charlotte Mother's Reaction to Daycare Video of Her Child

Charlotte, North Carolina (WBTV) – A mother who saw what she describes as “concerning” photographs from a friend at a nearby park is requesting that her daughter’s daycare be the target of legal action.

This mother, who wished to remain anonymous and hide her identity, tells WBTV that her friend told her about an extremely frightening incident that happened on Wednesday. It’s quite chilly, she remarked.

The woman told WBTV that her companion saw three adults sitting by themselves in a neighboring car while a sizable number of youngsters played unattended on the playground.

They gathered the kids and drove gone as this acquaintance approached the adults. The kids in the backseat weren’t using car seats or seatbelts, according to a video that Buddy collected.

According to the worried mother, her daughter was the one in the pictures that was placed over the laps of the other kids as the vehicle drove off.

She claims to WBTV that her 3-year-old daughter has been enrolled in Midwood Learning Academy since birth and that learning about the purported absence of supervision for the class in a public park was quite upsetting.

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She remarked, “It just makes you question everything, and it makes me seriously question the environment she’s been in.” “In my view, they shouldn’t be permitted to look after other kids.”

During the last three years, this daycare has earned multiple infractions, according to a search on the website of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

Most significantly, an August 2022 visit reveals that this institution did not always provide sufficient kid supervision. More particular, there was a case where a one-year-old youngster managed to get out of the outside play area and spend an “unknown period” in the parking lot.

The visit also demonstrated that there was evidence to support claims of child abuse and that the kids were not kept in a safe indoor or outdoor environment.

Nearly six months after they were discovered, in February 2022, the NCDHHS website states that these infractions have been verified as having been fixed.

Additionally, the mother informs WBTV that the NCDHHS is looking into the matter and expresses her hope that this daycare will face serious consequences.

“My only hope is that something gets done so that other children are safe,” the woman remarked.

WBTV has made numerous attempts to get in touch with Midwood Learning Academy through phone and email, but as of Thursday night, none of those inquiries had received a response.

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