Steelers’ Offensive Shake-Up: New OC’s Message Signals Change for Kenny Pickett

Steelers' Offensive Shake-Up New OC's Message Signals Change for Kenny Pickett

The quarterback and coach are the two most crucial roles on each NFL team. However, applying the school analogy, the HC functions more as the principal than a teacher.

The play caller, or OC, is the instructor for every QB. That’s what Arthur Smith’s job in Pittsburgh is now, and he understands that his relationship with Kenny Pickett is the key to success.

Falling Trust

The new offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Arthur Smith, told Missi Matthews of, “There’s a relationship that’s got to be built between me and Kenny.”

The relationship between the playcaller and the quarterback is crucial, according to Smith. “Trust must be developed daily and it must come from both sides. As we develop this offensive and all the areas we want to focus on and where we want Kenny to lead the charge, we need to gain each other’s trust.

Smith is not afraid of the challenge of becoming a quarterback. He tried to accomplish the same thing in Atlanta with Desmond Ridder, but it’s a little different when you’re trying to win with an NFL losing record from a third-round choice than it is with a first-round pick like Kenny who is 14-10 as a starter.

Steelers' Offensive Shake-Up New OC's Message Signals Change for Kenny Pickett (1)

Smith is making all the correct early statements, particularly after team president Art Rooney II declared that Kenny Pickett would be the team’s starting quarterback moving forward. However, don’t count out the possibility of him signing with an old acquaintance; that signing would undoubtedly have Pickett watching closely.

Beyond only the Xs and Os

The new offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers has sent a strong message to quarterback Kenny Pickett that has reverberated around the NFL. Beyond only the Xs and Os, this message is significant since it indicates a change in strategy and establishes the offensive orientation for the club.

With the recent hiring of a new offensive coordinator, the Steelers—who are renowned for their legendary past and dedication to offensive skill—made headlines. A new outlook is brought about by this move, and the initial signs point to a concerted attempt to match quarterback Kenny Pickett’s skills with the offensive scheme.

Stress on Adaptability: The new offensive coordinator’s message emphasizes how crucial flexibility is to the team’s offensive strategy. The Steelers appear ready to adopt a more adaptable and dynamic offensive game plan, whether it’s taking advantage of Pickett’s versatility as a quarterback or responding to opponents’ defensive strategies.

Utilizing Pickett’s Skill Set: The offensive message’s choice of quarterback Kenny Pickett as its main point suggests a deliberate effort to make use of his special skill set. Accuracy, judgment, and movement are some of Pickett’s strong points. He has a variety of skills that the Steelers may use to improve their offensive output.

Commitment to Development: The statement also conveys a dedication to Kenny Pickett’s quarterback development going forward. The coaching staff of the Steelers seems committed to fostering Pickett’s development and making sure he becomes a pillar of their offensive success, maybe emphasizing enhancing his skills and addressing areas for growth.

Team-Centric Approach: Although Pickett is the target of the message, the Steelers’ dedication to a team-centric approach is also emphasized. The quarterback’s performance alone won’t guarantee the offense’s success; the team as a whole must work together. The message from the new offensive coordinator probably stresses teamwork and mutual benefit for all offensive players.

Expectations and Fan Excitement: Steelers fans are excited to see how their team’s offensive approach develops in light of the announcement. With Pickett emerging as a focal point, anticipations are growing for a dynamic and explosive offensive performance that can completely transform the Steelers’ reputation in the league.


With Kenny Pickett taking over as offensive coordinator and signal caller, the Steelers are announcing a shared vision for success rather than only issuing instructions to a single player. Steelers supporters eagerly watch this story play out in the hopes that Pickett and the new offensive coordinator will work in unison to propel the legendary team into a new era of offensive excellence.

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