Tax Relief for Gun Owners: Georgia Senate Backs Proposed Holiday on Firearms and Ammo

Tax Relief for Gun Owners Georgia Senate Backs Proposed Holiday on Firearms and Ammo

ATLANTA, Georgia (First News Atlanta) – A recent legislative proposal from Georgia lawmakers may temporarily exclude sales of weapons, ammunition, and other related items from taxes.

Republican state senator Jason Anavitarte of Georgia said Senate Bill 344 is intended to aid hunters.

On the Senate floor, Anavitarte stated, “The Second Amendment sales tax holiday is intended to encourage hunting, conservation, and tourism in the state of Georgia.” “Hunting is the primary means of maintaining a healthy deer population, preventing the herd from destroying crops, and reducing accidents with motorists in the absence of natural predators.”

Should the bill become into law, Smyrna companies like Adventure Outdoors may benefit. Owner Jay Wallace believes it would bring people through his front door and compares it to Georgia’s previous tax-free weekend for school supplies.

Tax Relief for Gun Owners Georgia Senate Backs Proposed Holiday on Firearms and Ammo (3)

Wallace stated, “Many people are eyeing a firearm that they want to purchase.” However, the bill seems wrong to many who have lost a loved one to gun violence.

Aaliyah Strong remarked, “It’s just a slap in the face to people like myself, to all the other families who’ve lost someone to gun violence.”

In 2022, while working at a lounge in Atlanta, Strong’s fiancé was shot and killed. Since then, Strong has established a foundation to assist others in coping with the loss of a friend or relative due to gun violence.

Strong remarked, “I don’t understand why we keep pushing laws that make it easier to get more guns.”

According to Anavitarte, the bill probably wouldn’t increase the number of firearms in the hands of criminals. Guns and ammunition would only be tax-free for a week or so in October, for Georgians.

“I don’t think you care about the sales tax on an item if you’re a criminal, an outlaw, an illegal weapons carrier, a member of a gang, or trying to traffic guns through this state.” In addition, there is no sales tax in this state, according to Anavitarte.

This week in the Senate, the bill was approved despite Democratic opposition. “This law demonstrates our principles. Sen. Elena Parent, a Democrat, argued that people value firearms more than lives.

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