Texas is to be turned blue by a new Democratic PAC sponsored by George Soros

Texas, historically known for its deep-rooted Republican leanings, is witnessing a significant political shift, driven in part by the Texas Majority PAC, a Democratic political action committee. The emergence of this PAC, underpinned by substantial funding from Democratic megadonor George Soros, signals a strategic push to turn Texas blue.

Background and Formation of Texas Majority PAC

The Texas Majority PAC, formed in December 2022, is the brainchild of key figures from Beto O’Rourke’s 2022 gubernatorial campaign: Katherine Fischer (organizing director), Jason Lee (deputy campaign manager), and Crystal Zermeño (former staffer for the Texas Organizing Project). The PAC’s formation followed the 2022 election, setting the stage for a concerted Democratic push in Texas.

Funding and Strategy

The PAC’s funding strategy is noteworthy. Through 2023, it raised $2.25 million, with significant contributions from Soros’ Democracy PAC II. Soros’ involvement extends to six-figure donations to several county parties, including Dallas, Cameron, and Hidalgo counties, and other regionally focused groups. These funds aim to bolster voter registration, contact, and turnout initiatives on an unprecedented scale in Texas.

The PAC’s approach diverges from traditional state party strategies, focusing on building regional infrastructure and tailoring strategies to the distinct needs of Texas’ diverse regions. This approach reflects in its choice of funding recipients, such as the Texas Organizing Project and CTX Votes PAC, which focus on specific counties and areas.

Impact on Local Democratic Parties

The influx of funding has already had a tangible impact. In Dallas County, for example, the Democratic Party received $200,000 from the PAC, a substantial boost for local political operations. Similarly, in Cameron County, the party received over $100,000, enabling them to hire full-time staff and open a permanent office.

Political Implications

The 2024 election cycle, with U.S. Senator Ted Cruz’s seat up for grabs and President Joe Biden on the ballot, presents a critical opportunity for Democrats. The Texas Majority PAC’s efforts align with broader Democratic goals to maintain the White House, unseat Cruz, and gain ground in state and local elections.

Republicans, including Governor Greg Abbott, have taken notice of Soros’ involvement, using it to rally their base. However, Democratic leaders in counties like Cameron remain unfazed, recognizing the strategic importance of such funding.

A Long-Term Vision

The Texas Majority PAC and its supporters, like the Texas Organizing Project, are taking cues from states like Georgia and Arizona, where long-term investments in Democratic infrastructure have led to significant political shifts.

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