The 5 Worst and Most Dangerous Areas in Frankford, Avoid For Your Safety

The 5 Worst and Most Dangerous Areas in Frankford, Avoid For Your Safety

Like any other city, Frankford has its share of neighborhoods that could be dangerous for both locals and visitors. To keep safe, it’s critical to be aware of certain locations, whether because of high crime rates, inadequate infrastructure, or other reasons.

Top 5 Areas to Avoid for Safety

The following are the top five locations in Frankford to avoid at all costs due to their extreme danger:

1. Southside District:

Frankford’s Southside District has a reputation for having high crime rates, especially for violent crimes like robberies and assaults.

This neighborhood has a high prevalence of drug-related activity, making it unsafe to roam through, particularly after dark. It is recommended that both locals and guests use caution when strolling alone in the Southside District.

2. East End:

One of the most hazardous neighborhoods in the city is the East End of Frankford, which is beset by several socioeconomic issues.

The 5 Worst and Most Dangerous Areas in Frankford, Avoid For Your Safety (1)

Theft, vandalism, and other property crimes have increased due to poverty, unemployment, and a lack of suitable housing options. When traversing the East End, visitors should use caution and stay out of abandoned areas.

3. Riverside:

Frankford’s Riverside neighborhood has long been plagued by gang activity and crime, despite its picturesque moniker.

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Due to its proximity to industrial regions and abandoned buildings, it is a popular destination for illegal activities such as drug selling and violent gang activity. Travelers should be extremely cautious when entering Riverside and should think about staying away from the area completely, especially after dark.

4. West Heights:

Crime and social problems are also prevalent in this Frankford neighborhood. Residents’ sense of pessimism has been exacerbated by poverty and unemployment, which has raised the prevalence of drug usage and property crimes.

When passing through West Heights, visitors should be alert of their surroundings and steer clear of questionable persons.

5. Frankford’s Industrial Zone:

Although it is essential to the city’s economy, the area can be deadly for those who are not cautious. There are risks for both automobiles and pedestrians when it comes to poorly illuminated roadways, high traffic, and inadequate pedestrian infrastructure.

When traversing the Industrial Zone, especially during rush hour, visitors should proceed with caution and try to avoid crossing busy highways.

Conclusion Here

In conclusion, even if Frankford offers a lot in the way of attractions and culture, it’s important to be aware of the less attractive parts of the city to protect your safety.

Frankford residents and visitors can enhance their safety and security by steering clear of the neighborhoods described above and using caution when passing through places that provide a high risk of danger.

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