The 7 Awkward Areas in Durham, Avoid Unknown Neighborhoods After Dark

The 7 Awkward Areas in Durham, Avoid Unknown Neighborhoods After Dark

Durham, North Carolina, is well-known for its prestigious colleges, booming arts scene, and dynamic culture. However, Durham has certain neighborhoods that could be dangerous, especially after dark, much like any other urban location.

Top 7 Reasons to Avoid

Here are seven such locations in Durham where locals and guests should use caution:

1. Northeast Central Durham:

Poverty and a higher-than-average crime rate have long plagued this community. Even though the region is being revitalized, tourists should proceed with caution and stay off of unfamiliar streets, especially after dusk.

2. Southeast Central Durham:

Although it has a diverse population, Southeast Central Durham has seen problems with violence and property crime. It is another neighborhood with a higher crime rate. It is advisable for guests to use caution when strolling in the dark and to avoid going alone.

3. Southside:

The 7 Awkward Areas in Durham, Avoid Unknown Neighborhoods After Dark (1)

Although there have been recent advances, Durham’s historic Southside district still has issues with poverty and violence. Particularly after dark, visitors should stay in well-lit areas and refrain from straying into unknown alleyways.

4. Briggs Avenue Area:

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Compared to other areas of the city, the Briggs Avenue area in East Durham has a higher crime rate. When touring this neighborhood, visitors should use caution and refrain from going for nighttime walks by themselves.

5. Old East Durham:

Although undergoing rehabilitation, there are still areas of Old East Durham where crime rates are higher. Particularly after dusk, visitors should remain mindful of their surroundings and refrain from going into remote places.

6. Walltown:

Historically an African American community in Durham, Walltown has seen problems with poverty and crime. Even while there are neighborhood projects to increase safety, guests should always use caution, especially after dark.

7. Lakewood:

Although there have been improvements recently, there are still places in Lakewood, which is in southwest Durham, with higher crime rates. After dusk, visitors should stay on well-traveled streets and refrain from straying into unknown districts.


Though certain communities could face difficulties, it’s crucial to keep in mind that Durham is a vibrant, varied city with lots of friendly, safe neighborhoods.

Particularly after dark, visitors should use caution, be mindful of their surroundings, and stay away from remote locations. Residents and guests can enjoy everything Durham has to offer while lowering any potential risks by adopting these safeguards.

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