Here Are The 7 Quirkiest Towns in Nevada

The 7 Quirkiest Towns in Nevada

CCG – Nevada, commonly referred to as the Silver State is widely recognized for its dynamic metropolises such as Las Vegas and Reno. However, beyond the ostentatiousness and splendor, there exists an abundance of eccentric communities awaiting discovery.

Nevada is the residence of some of the most peculiar and extraordinary towns in the United States, ranging from historic mining communities transformed into havens for eccentrics to unusual art installations.

The 7 Quirkiest Towns in Nevada

The following seven villages provide adventurous travelers with an unconventional and one-of-a-kind experience.

1. Gerlach

Gerlach, situated amidst the expansive Black Rock Desert, is a quaint community renowned for its dynamic character. Every August, Gerlach becomes a vibrant center of artistic expression and individuality, all because of the yearly Burning Man festival.

Visitors may investigate the Fly Geyser, an ethereal geothermal marvel that appears to have been plucked from a fantasy novel, during the off-season.

2. Austin

Austin, situated amidst the Toiyabe Range, is an endearing municipality that appears to have been preserved in time. A stroll along its picturesque avenues, which are embellished with structures from the 19th century, will transport you to the era of the Wild West.

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The International Car Forest of the Last Church is an eccentric outdoor art installation comprised of automobiles adorned with colorful graffiti and half-buried in the desert sands.

3. Virginia City

Virginia City is a thriving ghost town that flourished during the Comstock Lode silver rush and will transport you to another era. The town’s historic saloons and Victorian-era architecture currently convey guests back in time to the era of prospectors and cowboys.

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Explore the depths of the Chollar Mine or board a train excursion aboard the Virginia & Truckee Railroad to experience the town’s rich mining history.

4. Rhyolite

Within Death Valley National Park is situated the abandoned settlement of Rhyolite, an artifact from the time of the gold rush.

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Explore the dilapidated remnants of the town’s formerly thriving structures, such as the renowned Bottle House, which was wholly crafted from glass bottles. Observe the uncanny allure of this deserted town as the sculptures of the Goldwell Open Air Museum cast a mesmerizing yet eerie presence.

5. Tonopah

Tonopah, also recognized as the “Queen of the Silver Camps,” is renowned for its eccentric allure and extensive mining heritage.

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Hundreds of clown figurines guard each room at the Clown Motel, ensuring that each visitor has an unforgettable (albeit slightly unsettling) stay. Following that, explore the town’s intriguing history with a visit to the Tonopah Historic Mining Park.

6. Ely

Encircled by the scenic expanses of the Great Basin, Ely is an eccentric municipality. In addition to viewing an eclectic assortment of locomotives, the Nevada Northern Railway Museum offers visitors the opportunity to board a historic steam train.

Visit the Hotel Nevada for a glimpse into the surreal, where you can spin the reels of the slot machines and admire the taxidermy collection on display.

7. Boulder City

Boulder City, located near the vibrant Las Vegas, provides a welcome respite from the fast-paced environment by showcasing its unique attractions and charming small-town atmosphere.

Wander the historic streets lined with quaint cafes and vintage stores, or visit the Boulder City Art Scape’s whimsical and vibrant outdoor art installations. Don’t fail to take a photo with the enormous concrete bighorn sheep, the town’s unofficial mascot.


Nevada teems with peculiar towns, eccentric art installations, and deserted phantom towns that beg to be discovered.

Whether one is in search of historical insight, an encounter with the fantastical, or a simple respite from the mundane, these seven communities offer indelible experiences off the beaten path.

Therefore, gather your belongings, embark on a journey, and get ready to uncover the most peculiar allure of the states in Nevada.

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