The City Planning Commission has authorized 1332 and 1346 N. Fairfax Avenue for affordable housing

The Los Angeles City Planning Commission has approved the construction of new affordable housing projects at 1332 and 1346 N. Fairfax Avenue, as reported by Urbanize LA.

These projects, located on the border of Hollywood and West Hollywood, aim to transform two single-family homes into four-story buildings containing 26 low- and moderate-income apartments. Notably, these developments will not include on-site parking.

The design for these structures, conceptualized by GA Engineering, showcases identical low-rise buildings clad in stucco. The approval of these projects is part of a broader initiative to increase affordable housing in the area, especially in single-family zones, which has been a contentious issue in recent times.

Several similar-scaled developments have already been completed in the surrounding parcels, indicating a trend towards denser, more affordable housing options in this part of Los Angeles.

This move by the City Planning Commission reflects an ongoing effort to address the housing affordability crisis in Los Angeles by repurposing existing single-family zones for higher-density, affordable developments. However, it also highlights the challenges and debates surrounding urban development and housing policy in the city.

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