The Top 7 Most Popular Alcoholic Town in San Francisco As Soon as You Should Skip

The Top 7 Most Popular Alcoholic Town in San Francisco As Soon as You Should Skip

San Francisco is well known for its exciting nightlife, with a wide variety of pubs, cafes, and bars to choose from. But among all the choices, there are some places that, even with their widespread appeal, could not provide the greatest experience for discriminating customers.

Top 7 Most Popular Alcoholic Towns in San Francisco

Here’s a list of the top seven places in San Francisco where alcohol is served that you might want to avoid

1. Fisherman’s Wharf:

Despite being a well-liked tourist destination due to its famed seafood restaurants and gorgeous views of the bay, the bars in the area frequently serve more visitors than locals. There are a lot of busy bars in this area that don’t offer great drinks or a great atmosphere. For a more genuine San Francisco drinking experience, think about venturing into neighboring neighborhoods.

2. Union Square:

With its array of dining, shopping, and entertainment options, Union Square is another popular tourist destination that draws large crowds. But the pubs here are usually expensive, serving mostly guests from surrounding hotels. Head outside of Union Square to areas like the Mission or Hayes Valley for more of a relaxed vibe and reasonably priced drinks.

3. North Beach:

Also referred to as Little Italy in San Francisco, North Beach has a large number of bars that are well-liked by both locals and visitors.

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While some North Beach venues provide real Italian cocktails and a fun vibe, others may be tourist traps with expensive drinks and subpar service. Take caution when exploring the region and ask locals for advice on the best locations.

4. Marina District:

Renowned for its high-end eateries and bars, the Marina District is a hip district. Even though a lot of young, wealthy people frequent this area, some of the bars there can come across as ostentatious and expensive. If you’re not into big crowds or expensive drinks, you might want to avoid the Marina and stick to more relaxed areas like Dogpatch or the Outer Sunset.

5. SOMA (South of Market):

South of Market, or SOMA, is a vibrant neighborhood with a lot of bars, clubs, and lounges to pick from. It is well-known for its nightlife.

But some of SOMA’s pubs can be sleazy and draw a rowdier clientele. You might wish to avoid the bars in this region and venture to other sections of the city if you’re not into the club scene or would rather have a more sophisticated drinking experience.

6. Embarcadero:

Both locals and visitors enjoy visiting the Embarcadero because it provides breathtaking views of the waterfront and the Bay Bridge.

But the bars along the Embarcadero, with their emphasis on novelty cocktails and kitschy themes, may be touristic and expensive. Explore areas such as Potrero Hill and the Mission for a more genuine taste of San Francisco.

7. Chinatown:

With an abundance of culinary alternatives and cultural attractions, San Francisco’s Chinatown is the biggest and oldest in North America.

While there are a few hidden gems in Chinatown where you can have a great drink, the majority of the bars here are tourist-focused and may not have the best atmosphere or quality of drinks. Go outside of Chinatown to areas like the Richmond or Inner Sunset if you want a more genuine drinking experience.


In conclusion, even though these well-known drinking locations in San Francisco might be convenient and have iconic views, they might not always offer the greatest possible drinking experience.

By considering alternatives in less touristy neighborhoods and seeking out recommendations from locals, you can ensure a more memorable and enjoyable time exploring the diverse drinking scene of the City by the Bay.

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