The Top 7 Safest Cities to Live in Detroit, You Can’t Compromise See Here

The Top 7 Safest Cities to Live in Detroit

Safe housing is a major consideration for both individuals and families when making housing decisions. A number of the cities in the Detroit metropolitan area are notable for their dedication to giving citizens a safe and secure environment.

You can’t compromise on peace of mind and a great quality of life in any of these seven cities near Detroit, whether you’re searching for a quiet suburb or a bustling neighborhood with low crime rates.

The Top 7 Safest Cities to Live in Detroit

1. Bloomfield Hills:

Frequently ranked among the safest cities in the Detroit region, Bloomfield Hills is well-known for its affluent areas and well-regarded schools. A calm lifestyle surrounded by beautiful nature and premium amenities is enjoyed by inhabitants, who benefit from a low crime rate and a strong feeling of community.

2. Troy:

A dynamic city noted for its robust economic community and diversified population, Troy is situated just north of Detroit. Troy provides a friendly and safe atmosphere for people of all ages with its well-kept neighborhoods, top-notch schools, and plenty of recreational options.

3. Rochester Hills:

The Top 7 Safest Cities to Live in Detroit (1)

This quaint city, which is surrounded by gorgeous scenery and undulating hills, places a high priority on community involvement and safety. Rochester Hills is a well-liked option for both families and professionals because of its low crime rate, excellent schools, and abundance of cultural and recreational activities.

4. Novi:

Nestled between Ann Arbor and Detroit, Novi is a thriving community renowned for its family-friendly neighborhoods, commercial centers, and recreational amenities. Novi provides people with a feeling of security and belonging thanks to its proactive commitment to public safety and excellent standard of living.

5. Farmington Hills:

A popular place for people looking for a friendly and safe community, Farmington Hills boasts award-winning schools, tree-lined streets, and a variety of housing options. Farmington Hills offers amenities for people of all ages, from its lively downtown to its immaculate parks and trails.

6. Canton:

Known for its strong sense of community and dedication to safety, Canton is a prosperous community southwest of Detroit.

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Canton provides inhabitants with a good standard of living and peace of mind thanks to its low crime rate, highly regarded schools, and an assortment of facilities and services.

7. Royal Oak:

A lively city that places a high priority on safety and well-being, Royal Oak boasts a bustling downtown area, a diversified dining scene, and a strong feeling of community.

With a variety of housing alternatives to fit every lifestyle and low crime rates, Royal Oak provides its residents with the ideal balance of suburban peace and urban excitement.


In conclusion, safety is the most important factor to consider while picking a location to reside close to Detroit. Thankfully, the inhabitants of these seven cities may live in a safe, friendly atmosphere where they can develop and prosper.

You can’t go wrong with any of these highly regarded towns close to Detroit, whether you’re enjoying retirement, establishing a family, or gaining professional experience.

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