This Upstate New York Town Is State’s ‘Tiniest’ as Soon as You Should Know

This Upstate New York Town Is State’s ‘Tiniest’ as Soon as You Should Know

New York State’s smallest town by area is also one of the most distinctive towns in the Capital Region. When we talk about small towns, we usually mention their population and how the small-town feel is created by everyone knowing one other.

Towns in the Capital Region that spring to mind are Schuylerville, Greenwich, and Chatham. With just two residents, Saltaire, New York is the smallest town in the state in terms of population, according to New York Demographics.

Saltaire is located on Fire Island, which is connected to Long Island, therefore the only people living there may be a few landowners!

However, what about a physically small town? Like in square miles of area? You have to think that a small-town atmosphere can also be produced by people living near to one another!

The Tiniest Town in New York Is Just 7 Square Miles!

In contrast, the town of Webb in Herkimer County is the largest municipality in New York in terms of physical area. states that Webb is 452 square miles! which, according to calculations, is 645 times larger than the smallest state in the nation!

The Tiniest Town in the State is Green Island, New York!

Indeed, according to Only In Your State, Green Island, our cherished tiny village on the Hudson River, is the state’s SMALLEST town at just 7 square miles. With 2,968 individuals, it has one of the lowest populations in the Empire State, according to New York Demographics.

Situated on the Hudson River, Green Island is one of the more intriguing localities in the Capital Region, despite its modest size and sparse population.

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The Green Island town website states that the town is well-known for its rich industrial past, which gradually gave way to a more residential region that includes one of the most sought-after places to live in the area: Starbucks Island!

The Top 10 Worst New York Small or Tiniest Towns (RANKED)

According to Roadsnacks 2022, a town in the Capital Region is the worst tiny town in the Empire State. As with any list compiled by non-New Yorkers, these rankings don’t always represent our opinions of these communities, so you should proceed with caution. Having stated that the state’s 466 smallest towns’ census data, including median income, property values, unemployment, crime, education, and population density, were used to create these rankings.

10. The Gouverner

This list begins in St. Lawrence with Gouverneur. For what reason is #10? Gouverner’s high unemployment rate of over ten percent is one factor.

9. Fort Plain

Of the two towns in the Capital Region included the first one lands at number nine. Montgomery County’s Fort Plain is situated on the Mohawk River amid breathtaking scenery. However, the municipality landed here primarily due to the $57,600 median property value.

8. Point Whitney

Whitney Point, located somewhat north of Binghamton, has the worst unemployment rate in the state—32.9%.

7. Liberty

Falling three points in Roadsnacks annual rankings, Liberty is located just south of the Catskills.

6. The Loch Sheldrake

How on earth does this town even make it on this list with a name as refined as Loch Sheldrake? After being named the #1 worst tiny town in New York by Roadsnacks in 2021, Loch has some good news this year.

5. Avoca

With just 1,006 inhabitants, Avoca is the town with the second-lowest population out of the ten on this list.

4. The Yorkshire

This Upstate New York Town Is State’s ‘Tiniest’ as Soon as You Should Know (2)

At 1,0005, Yorkshire has the smallest population on this list, surpassing Avoca by a single person. Whatever the statistics, what’s not to like about being a resident of a tiny town where everyone knows you?

3. The Great Bend

With a median house value of $115,400, Great Bend in the Watertown/Fort Drum area has the highest median home value on our list. But a significant contributing element to ranking #3 is the startling 18% unemployment rate.

2. Wolcott

For the second consecutive year, Wolcott ranks #2 on the Roadsnacks rating, resting between Syracuse and Rochester. In terms of both median property values and unemployment, Wolcot is ranked among the ten worst cities in New York.

1. Whitehall

The town in the Capital Region that ranks second in these rankings is Landing at #1. Whitehall is up 2 spots from #3 in last year’s Roadsnacks list of the 10 worst small towns to live in New York State, even though it isn’t necessarily the worst in any of the data categories used to create the rankings. However, we are aware that the residents of Whitehall, the US Navy’s birthplace, as well as the Adirondacks, Vermont, and Lake George around it, have a lot to love.


Even though Green Island is the smallest town in the state in terms of population, its importance cannot be overstated. This Upstate New York hamlet, rich in history, unified by a strong sense of community, and graced with picturesque scenery, is a monument to the timeless appeal of small-town living. [Town Name] is a warm welcome and a gentle reminder that sometimes the most amazing destinations come in the smallest packages for those looking for a break from the bustle of city life.

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