Top 2 states with “Most Racial Progress” are Georgia and Texas

In 2024, WalletHub released its ranking on the states that have made the most significant strides in racial progress. This study, which comes in a time still marked by the need for continued efforts towards racial equality, highlights the remarkable achievements of Georgia and Texas in this crucial area.

The findings of the report, while acknowledging the progress made since the Civil Rights Movement, also underline the need for a more inclusive approach that considers all ethnic and racial groups.

The WalletHub 2024 Rankings

The WalletHub 2024 ranking positions Georgia and Texas at the forefront of states making the most racial progress. This assessment is a significant acknowledgment of the efforts these states have made in bridging the racial divide, particularly between white and Black residents.

The report draws attention to the substantial reduction in the earnings gap between these racial groups, with Georgia showing a notable decrease in this disparity.

Mississippi also secured a commendable third place, achieving nearly a 27% reduction in the poverty rate gap since 1970. This reduction is particularly noteworthy, considering Mississippi’s historical context and the challenges it has faced since the Civil Rights Movement​​​​.

Limitations of the Study

However, the WalletHub rankings primarily focus on disparities between white and Black residents, omitting data on other significant ethnic and racial groups like Latinos, Native Americans, and Asian Americans. This limitation raises questions about the comprehensive nature of the study, as these communities constitute substantial portions of the population in many states.

Cynthia Duarte, Director of the Sarah W. Heath Center for Equality and Justice at California Lutheran University, stresses the importance of a nuanced understanding of progress. She suggests that recognizing the contributions of activists and communities that have driven these positive changes is crucial for a complete picture of racial progress​​.

Analyzing the Progress

Reflecting on the considerable progress made since the Civil Rights Movement, the WalletHub ranking shows a significant decrease in the poverty rate for Black Americans, from 34.7% in 1968 to 17.1% in 2021. Additionally, the percentage of Black American adults with a four-year college degree has increased substantially since 1964.

The study used a comprehensive methodology, evaluating gaps across four key dimensions: Employment & Wealth, Education, Social & Civic Engagement, and Health. This approach involved analyzing 22 relevant metrics to quantify the level of racial integration and progress. States like Connecticut and Alabama followed closely in the rankings, showcasing a broader spectrum of states committed to fostering racial progress​​.

The Path Forward

While the rankings celebrate significant achievements, they also highlight the need for continued improvement. Activists, academics, and community leaders emphasize the importance of inclusive metrics that consider the experiences of all ethnic and racial groups. As states like Georgia and Texas stand in the spotlight, there is hope that their models for progress can inspire and guide other states in their journey toward greater equality and social justice.


The WalletHub 2024 rankings on states with the most racial progress mark an important step in recognizing the efforts made towards racial equality in the United States. However, they also underscore the need for a more inclusive and comprehensive approach to measuring progress.

By considering the experiences of all ethnic and racial groups and acknowledging the contributions of activists and communities, we can gain a fuller understanding of the strides made and the challenges that remain. As we look forward, it is crucial to continue this momentum and work towards a society where equality and justice are realities for all.

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