Top 5 Craziest Things Parents Teach Their Children In Florida

Top 5 Craziest Things Parents Teach Their Children In Florida

CCG – A diversified population with a wide range of cultural influences may be found in Florida, well-known for its sunny beaches, theme parks, and unusual fauna.

There are, nevertheless, certain strange customs and beliefs that parents instill in their children despite the Sunshine State’s allure and beauty.

Top 5 Craziest Things Parents Teach Their Children In Florida

These are the five most bizarre things Florida parents teach their kids, ranging from oddball superstitions to dispensable knowledge.

1. Alligators Are Everywhere

Learning to interact with Florida’s diverse wildlife, including alligators, is a common part of growing up there. Growing up, parents often teach their kids to be cautious around water bodies, even if they appear innocuous, fostering a healthy regard for these reptiles.

To stress the need to beg vigilant near waterways, some parents may even go so far as to inform their kids that alligators can be found in unlikely areas like storm drains or swimming pools.

2. Watch Out for Sinkholes

Florida is prone to sinkholes because of its distinct geology. Sinkholes are unexpected depressions in the earth caused by the collapse of limestone bedrock.

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Along with cautioning them not to stand too close to the edge of lakes or ponds lest they get sucked up by the earth, parents frequently advise their kids to be vigilant about sinkholes. Though in some parts of Florida sinkholes are a legitimate problem, children’s overblown fear of the ground beneath their feet may cause needless anxiety.

3. Hurricanes Can Be Fun

Some parents lightly prepare their children for natural calamities, such as hurricanes, in a state where yearly hurricane seasons are commonplace. They may portray hurricanes as thrilling experiences, similar to an extended camping trip or an unplanned vacation, as opposed to creating terror.


Reducing the likelihood of storms can cause kids to downplay the significance of being prepared and taking safety precautions, even though it’s crucial to have a positive outlook in the face of difficulty.

4. Always Check Your Shoes for Scorpions

Many creatures, including scorpions, find perfect home in Florida’s warm temperature. To avoid an unexpected visitor, parents frequently advise their kids to shake out their shoes before putting them on.

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Although there are very few scorpions in shoes, this safety precaution illustrates the deep awareness that Florida kids have for the state’s wide variety of animals.

5. Never Touch the Manatees

Manatees are adored sea creatures that inhabit Florida’s coastal waters, acting as gentle giants. All the same, parents usually teach their kids to respect these marine animals and never approach or touch them.

Even though the advice is sincerely intended to protect the health of both people and manatees, it also emphasizes the importance of conservation efforts and responsible wildlife-viewing techniques to save these vulnerable animals and their ecosystems.


To sum up, the distinct climate and cultural milieu of Florida lead to certain unusual lessons that are instilled in their offspring. Certain of these lessons may reinforce misconceptions or exaggerate perceived threats, but many are based on sincere concerns for conservation and safety.

A feeling of wonder and respect for the world around them must be fostered in addition to teaching important knowledge, and parents must strike a balance as Florida continues to change and adapt.

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