Here Are The Top 5 Oldest Trees in Ohio

Top 5 Oldest Trees in Ohio

CCG – Ohio is home to some of the oldest living things on Earth, trees that have endured centuries of development and change. The state’s terrain is rich in history and culture.

With their twisted limbs rising to the sky and their old stature serving as silent witnesses to the passage of time, these ancient giants tell stories of bygone eras.

Top 5 Oldest Trees in Ohio

Discover the top five oldest trees in Ohio by traveling with us on this adventure.

1. The Methuselah Tree

Age: Estimated 500 years
Location: Mohican State Park

One of Ohio’s oldest living things, this magnificent oak bears the name Methuselah, after the biblical character noted for his extraordinary endurance. This white oak, nestled amid the peaceful forests of Mohican State Park, has withstood many storms and observed the changes in the surrounding landscape.

Not only is it a living monument but also an essential ecosystem in and of itself, sheltering a wide variety of creatures under its vast canopy.

2. The Protective Oak

Age: 450,000 years or more
Location: State Park Hocking Hills

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The Sentinel Oak stands out with its towering presence, nestled within the stunning scenery of Hocking Hills State Park. Remarkably resilient and long-lasting, this ancient oak is thought to have guarded the area for about 500 years. Its mature wisdom and beauty are a sight to behold, as its moss-covered limbs reach out like warm embraces.

3. The Liberty Elm

Age: Estimated 400 years
Location: Dayton, Ohio

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A magnificent tree that has witnessed centuries of American history is the Liberty Elm. Emblemizing tenacity and fortitude, this stately tree stands tall in Dayton, Ohio. According to legend, it functioned as a meeting spot for the community and shade for the first settlers. The Liberty Elm is an inspiration to anyone who comes across it, even in the face of dangers from illness and urban expansion.

4. The Buckeye Giant

Age: Estimated 350 years
Location: Wayne National Forest

The enormous Buckeye Giant, nestled deep within the Wayne National Forest, is a magnificent representation of the resilient nature of Ohio’s environment.

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Centuries of standing firm, this big buckeye tree has weathered gracefully throughout the years. With an abundance of verdant surroundings, the Buckeye Giant perseveres as a testament to the strength and the splendor of nature in a world that is ever-evolving.

5. The Old Man of the Woods

Age: Estimated 300 years
Location: Cuyahoga Valley National Park

An old beech tree that has withstood the test of time, the Old Man of the Woods is nestled in the tranquil woodlands of Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

There’s a sense of quiet strength and wisdom about this old tree, with its gnarled limbs and worn bark. It brings to mind how crucial it is to protect our natural heritage so that the next generations can treasure and take pleasure in it.


Remember the value of safeguarding and conserving our natural heritage as we gaze in awe at these ancient behemoths. Ohio’s history and land are connected to us through these trees, which are more than just living things. I hope they keep raising wonder and astonishment in future generations.

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