Check Out The Top 6 Cheapest Counties To Live In Pennsylvania

Top 6 Cheapest Counties To Live In Pennsylvania

CCG – Pennsylvania provides a range of affordable housing options for people looking to stretch their budget further. The state is renowned for its rich history, varied landscapes, and vibrant communities.

There exist multiple counties in the Keystone State where the cost of living is still relatively affordable, ranging from picturesque rural areas to busy suburban suburbs.

Top 6 Cheapest Counties To Live In Pennsylvania

The following six counties in Pennsylvania are the least expensive places to live:

1. County in Fayette

Tucked away in the state’s southwest, Fayette County has reasonable housing alternatives at a cost of living that is lower than that of many other parts of Pennsylvania.

Fayette County offers excellent living conditions at a reasonable cost to its citizens thanks to its scenic countryside, charming small villages, and close access to outdoor recreation areas like Ohiopyle State Park and the Laurel Highlands.

2. Cambrian County

Cambria County is a low-cost living area with reasonably priced real estate, situated in the central Pennsylvania region of the Allegheny Mountains.

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Cambria County provides inhabitants with a tranquil and reasonably priced lifestyle away from the bustle of larger cities with its quaint rural villages, scenic beauty, and strong feeling of community.

3. County of Clearfield

Residents in Clearfield County, which is located in north-central Pennsylvania, can enjoy a quiet environment and affordable living expenses.

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For those who want to live cheaply in the middle of a beautiful environment, Clearfield County is the perfect place to be because of its many outdoor recreational options, which include state parks, forests, and lakes.

4. County Schuylkill

At a low cost of living and with a rich cultural legacy, Schuylkill County is home to those who live in the coal region of Pennsylvania.

The cost of living in Schuylkill County is significantly lower than in larger cities thanks to the county’s charming small villages, beautiful landscape, and reasonably priced housing alternatives.

5. Bradford Regional Authority

Bradford County, which is tucked away in Pennsylvania’s northern region, offers cheap housing costs along with a tranquil country lifestyle.

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Bradford County offers a wealth of outdoor recreational options and a close-knit community environment at a reasonable cost thanks to its rolling hills, thick forests, and picturesque outlooks.

6. Grass County

Greene County is a low-cost, low-stress area of southwest Pennsylvania where people can live in peace. Greene County offers inhabitants an inexpensive, high-quality lifestyle in a beautiful location with its scenic splendor, historic landmarks, and a plethora of outdoor recreational possibilities.


To sum up, there are several counties in Pennsylvania where people can live well at a fair price. Affordably priced housing is widely available in the Keystone State, regardless of your preference for the rural charm of Cambria County, the natural splendor of Fayette County, or the outdoor leisure opportunities of Clearfield County.

Pennsylvania is still a popular place for people looking for an inexpensive and satisfying lifestyle because of its varied landscapes, strong feeling of community, and low cost of living.

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