Top 7 Worst Neighborhoods To Live in Chicago, Is It Really Valueless Place To Live?

Top 7 Worst Neighborhoods To Live in Chicago

The third-largest city in the US, Chicago, is well-known for its dynamic neighborhoods, distinctive skyline, and diversity of cultures.

However, Chicago has its share of communities dealing with serious issues, just like any large metropolis. It’s crucial to understand that these communities have potential and worthwhile facing challenges like poverty, violence, and a lack of resources.

It’s critical for anyone thinking about moving to the Windy City to be aware of the neighborhoods where people can face difficulties.

Top 7 Worst Neighborhoods To Live in Chicago

Let’s examine whether the top seven least desirable areas in Chicago are deserving of the moniker “valueless.” The top seven worst Chicago neighborhoods to live in are shown below:

1. Englewood:

Consistently rated as one of the city’s most dangerous areas, Englewood is situated on Chicago’s South Side. This community is plagued by high rates of violent crime, such as robberies and shootings.

Englewood also has financial difficulties, as seen by the high percentage of poverty and the difficulty in finding good jobs and educational possibilities.

2. West Garfield Park:

Located on Chicago’s West Side, West Garfield Park faces challenges like unemployment, poverty, and gang activity. Access to necessary services and safety are two issues that residents frequently deal with. The neighborhood’s general decay is exacerbated by the vacant lots and abandoned structures that plague it.

3. East Garfield Park:

Like its western cousin, East Garfield Park experiences economic hardship and high crime rates. Concerns about drug use and gang violence are common among the locals.

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East Garfield Park’s residents still confront many obstacles to raising their standard of living, even in the face of revitalization attempts.

4. Riverdale:

A poor and criminal-ridden neighborhood in Chicago’s Far South Side. Access to jobs, healthcare, and education is frequently restricted for locals. Industrial pollution has a history in the area, which negatively affects the health and well-being of its people.

5. Fuller Park:

Fuller Park has a high poverty rate, a small population, and several problems, such as unemployment, crime, and subpar housing.

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Access to basic amenities like grocery stores and medical facilities is frequently limited for the local population. Over time, the neighborhood’s downfall has been attributed to its issues with disinvestment.

6. West Englewood:

Situated next to Englewood, West Englewood faces many of the same difficulties, such as elevated criminal activity rates and unstable economic conditions.

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Drug use and gang violence are major problems in this neighborhood. Locals frequently struggle with scarce resources and opportunities for career advancement.

7. Washington Park:

Despite initiatives to bring the neighborhood back to life, crime and financial hardship remain major problems in Washington Park.

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The neighborhood’s general decline is exacerbated by its problems with abandoned buildings and vacant lots. Even while there are areas of revitalization, many locals still have trouble getting access to possibilities for growth and necessary services.


Chicago, a city renowned for its breathtaking architecture, rich history, and dynamic culture, also has communities that deal with serious issues. While many places are vibrant hubs of activity with strong senses of community, others struggle with problems like poverty, crime, and a lack of resources.

Even though these areas have many difficulties, it’s important to acknowledge the resiliency and strength of these communities. Many locals put in a lot of effort to solve problems like poverty, crime, and disinvestment to make their communities safer and livelier.

To ensure that every Chicagoan has access to a secure and prosperous city, citizens and legislators must prioritize investments in communities that most need them while Chicago continues to struggle with these complicated issues.

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