Tragedy Unfolds: ‘Active Shooter’ Incident at University of Nevada, Las Vegas Results in ‘Multiple Victims’; Suspect Found Dead

Tragedy Unfolds: 'Active Shooter' Incident at University of Nevada, Las Vegas Results in 'Multiple Victims'; Suspect Found Dead

On Wednesday, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) dealt with an active shooter situation. According to the university’s report on X, the incident happened at the Frank and Estella Beam Hall business school building.

Unfortunately, three people lost their lives, and another person is in stable condition, according to the police. The authorities also confirmed that the person responsible for the shooting is no longer alive.

“The community is no longer under threat. The suspect has been confirmed deceased. Currently, we are aware of three victims, but we’re uncertain about the extent of their injuries. This number may change. We will provide further updates as soon as we have more information,” stated Sheriff Kevin McMahill of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

University officials instructed students to follow the “Run-Hide-Fight” protocol in response to additional reports of gunfire on campus, specifically within the student union.

The police were called to address the situation. According to a source, FBI agents are on the scene, providing support to local law enforcement.

During a news conference, McMahill revealed that the initial 911 calls were received around 11:45 a.m. He explained that after thorough searches of campus buildings and rooms, two police officers required minimal medical attention.

The first responding detectives confronted the alleged gunman and discharged their firearms, successfully neutralizing the suspect. McMahill emphasized that if these officers hadn’t taken swift action, the situation could have resulted in a much higher loss of lives.

Crucially, there was a gathering of children eating and playing games just outside the building. The potentially catastrophic situation was averted due to the selfless actions of one of the responding police officers. According to McMahill, law enforcement confronted the suspect while prepared and armed, preventing further harm.

In response to the incident, UNLV announced the closure of the campus for the remainder of Wednesday. They issued a statement on social media saying, “We are responding to initial reports of an #ActiveShooter near BEAM Hall on the UNLV campus. There appear to be several victims. Police have advised, ‘Please stay away from the area. We will have more information soon.'”

Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo communicated on X that his office was in contact with officials regarding the incident.

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