U.S. City Identified as One of America’s Most Serene Locations

U.S. City Identified as One of America's Most Serene Locations

Nature lovers will find Michigan to be an outdoor paradise. We mean it when we say that it is also the location of one of the most tranquil tourist spots in the nation. To compile a list of the top 25 most tranquil locations in the country, the finance website Insider Monkey assessed the average noise levels of American cities and the ease with which locals might visit a nearby park.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, ranks third among America’s most tranquil cities, with smaller Colorado towns (Fort Collins and Boulder) holding the top two slots. Insider Monkey claims that the city’s average noise level is 39.13 dB and that an astounding 92% of people have access to green spaces.

A natural reserve in Ann Arbor is the Huron River. The website highlighted that the city offers an active lifestyle in a close-knit community.

Located on both banks of the Huron River, Ann Arbor is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts. The river features an inland paddling path spanning 104 miles, which may be readily explored by kayak or canoe. Ann Arbor is situated in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, approximately 40 miles west of Detroit.

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By providing all the advantages and comforts of a bustling university town, Ann Arbor is excellent at striking a balance by providing plenty of open spaces and paths for bicyclists and hikers who want to find some quiet time.

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Waterloo Recreation Area is located 25 miles west of the city and is Michigan’s third largest park, including 20,000 acres of woodlands and featuring 11 lakes. However, Ann Arbor offers a lot more within its municipal bounds, as its nickname, “Tree Town,” implies. It’s simple to understand why its citizens have plenty of peaceful places to de-stress with 159 parks, including playgrounds, tiny neighborhood green spaces, and the 69-acre Gallup Park along the Huron River.

However, there are also benefits to living in a calm area. As Insider Monkey pointed out, noise pollution is a major element lowering Americans’ quality of life. Residents who live near parks and green areas have better cardiovascular health, while those who don’t can cause stress, loss of sleep, and decreased productivity.

As per a 2020 report by the state of Michigan, the percentage of individuals in Washtenaw County, which includes Ann Arbor, who are not physically active is 15.3 percent, which is over 20 percentage points lower than the state average. Similarly, the county has a 24.4 percent obesity rate, which is also significantly lower than the state and national averages of 39.6 percent and 56.1 percent, respectively.

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