Weird and Unique: 5 Places in Maryland You Won’t Believe People Live

Weird and Unique 5 Places in Maryland You Won't Believe People Live

CCG – Maryland is home to some of the most peculiar and distinctive places to live, in addition to its beautiful scenery and historical significance.

These five locations in Maryland, which range from eccentric little villages to unusual living arrangements, provide an unmatched lifestyle.

5 Weirdest Places to Live in Maryland

These are Maryland’s five most peculiar real-world communities.

1. Friendship Heights Village

Friendship Heights is a strange fusion of suburban and urban living, located on the edge of Washington, D.C. This location is genuinely unique because of its underground city.

A thriving underground village is created by the maze-like network of stores, eateries, and even a metro station that is located under the surface. Friendship Heights residents live in peaceful residential areas above ground and benefit from the convenience of an underground city. There aren’t many areas where you may find this unusual and intriguing urban architecture of living on two levels.

2. The Maryland Renaissance Festival Village

An English town from the sixteenth century is brought to life each year in Crownsville’s forested region by the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Many people are unaware, nevertheless, that some residents of this community with a Renaissance theme decide to live here year-round.

These people lead authentically medieval lives, dressing, speaking, and practicing by the times. Living at the Maryland Renaissance Festival Village is an immersive experience that blends modern conveniences with historical reenactment, offering a genuinely one-of-a-kind living environment.

3. Campsite Scotts Cove

For individuals who would rather live a nomadic lifestyle, Scotts Cove Campground, situated in the center of Ellicott City, provides an unorthodox living environment. Long-term residents are permitted to dwell in RVs, campers, and even repurposed school buses at this park.

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With shared amenities and frequent get-togethers around campfires, people have a strong sense of community. For individuals who crave adventure and simplicity in their daily lives, Scotts Cove offers a unique blend of nature and mobility.

4. Houseboats on Solomons Island

Living on a houseboat in Solomons Island offers a distinctive way of life for people who enjoy the sea. Solomons Island, tucked away at the meeting point of the Patuxent River and Chesapeake Bay, is a popular destination for boaters.

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A few locals have moved onto houseboats, where they can enjoy the breathtaking views of the water and the soft swaying of the waves. Aside from the sense of independence and closeness to nature, houseboat living offers the extra advantage of belonging to a close-knit marine community. What makes Solomons Island unique is the way people live there—a tranquil and unusual way.

5. Ellicott City Historic District

Ellicott City is a step back in time thanks to its exquisitely maintained 18th and 19th-century architecture. The people who live and work in the town’s old buildings, however, are what set it apart from other historical towns.

Many homes and businesses occupy structures that have stood for centuries, complete with original features like stone walls and wooden beams.

Being surrounded by history every day while residing in Historic Ellicott City presents both a challenge and an opportunity to preserve these priceless historical artifacts. It’s a way of life that combines a great deal of respect for history with contemporary existence.

Accepting the Non-Traditional

These five locations in Maryland provide an insight into some of the state’s most unusual and distinctive living arrangements.

These places offer residents a unique and unforgettable way of life, whether it’s the underground world of Friendship Heights, the medieval charm of the Maryland Renaissance Festival Village, the mobile lifestyle at Scotts Cove Campground, the houseboat life on Solomons Island, or the historical immersion in Ellicott City.


Living in one of these unusual and distinctive locations requires adopting a way of life that is out of the norm. It’s about finding joy in the unconventional and creating a living experience that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

If you’re looking for a place that stands out from the rest, Maryland’s weirdest places to live might just be the perfect fit for you.

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