Why Some Kentuckians See Ohioans as ‘the Worst People’

Why Some Kentuckians See Ohioans as 'the Worst People'

States in the Midwest of the United States typically have more in common than only their borders; they share traditions, ideals, and even rivalries from time to time. Even states like Ohio and Kentucky, which have unique histories and cultures, are not immune.

There are some Kentuckians who feel animosity toward their Ohio neighbors, even though most people in both states get along famously.

Five Important Reasons

Here are five reasons why some Kentuckians think Ohioans are “the worst people” to visit their state:

1. Sports Rivalry:

The intense rivalry between the two states in athletics, especially college basketball, is a major factor in the hostility between Kentuckians and Ohioans. There is a long and storied history of basketball rivalry between Ohio State and the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

Both sets of fans are extremely loyal to their own teams, and the healthy competition between them frequently finds its way into casual conversation. During basketball season in particular, Ohioans who proudly wear Buckeyes clothing in Kentucky may face humorous taunting or even animosity from Wildcats fans.

2. Distinct Civilizations:

Kentucky and Ohio are geographically close, but their history and traditions have molded them into two quite different civilizations. Conflicts and misconceptions can arise when some Kentuckians view Ohioans through the lens of a foreign culture.

Why Some Kentuckians See Ohioans as 'the Worst People' (1)

The cultural gap between Ohio and Kentucky can lead to animosity and alienation towards Ohioans living in Kentucky due to variations in languages, traditions, and social mores.

3. Economic Competition:

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Kentucky and Ohio are often at odds with one another when it comes to economic prospects, such as investments from businesses, employment creation, and tourist money because they are adjacent states. Some people in Kentucky, especially in border areas, may see Ohioans as competitors in this race. There might be tensions and fears of economic threat when people from Ohio go to Kentucky for employment or business. Some may regard this as an invasion of local opportunities.

4. Political Divides:

Differences in ideology and voting behavior define the political climate in Ohio and Kentucky, as they do in many other Midwestern and national states. People in Kentucky may view Ohioans as disconnected from their values and interests due to the political contrasts between the two states. Tensions and bad perceptions might rise when people from Ohio voice their political opinions that are at odds with those of many people from Kentucky.

5. Stereotypes and Prejudices:

Attitudes and actions toward people from different states can be influenced by stereotypes and prejudices, which, although frequently based on false information or lack of knowledge, can nonetheless have an impact.

People from Ohio may be stereotyped by some Kentuckians as being haughty, cold, or culturally ignorant. Anger towards Ohioans in Kentucky might be fueled by media portrayals, personal stories, or historical prejudices that perpetuate these stereotypes.


Keep in mind that not every Kentuckian shares these views and opinions about Ohioans living in the Bluegrass State. There are a lot of good interactions and friendships between people from both states.

All the same, these five explanations should help clarify things for the Kentucky residents who feel bad about Ohioans. There can be less animosity and more harmony between the two states if the people of Ohio and Kentucky work together to build bridges, increase understanding, and encourage empathy.

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