3 Ridiculous Marriage Laws That Exist in Ohio

3 Ridiculous Marriage Laws in Ohio

CCG – In every state, including Ohio, marriage is subject to a complicated web of rules and laws. It is frequently regarded as one of the most important life milestones. Many of these regulations safeguard people and maintain the integrity of marriages, but some may seem archaic, unworkable, or even ridiculous.

3 Ridiculous Marriage Laws in Ohio

Here are three of Ohio’s most absurd marriage laws to examine:

1. Prohibition on Whale Hunting

That is exactly what you read. In Ohio, it’s against the law for a guy to go bow-tie whale hunting on a Sunday. Though it is quite unlikely that one may come across a whale in landlocked Ohio, it is puzzling that the state’s marriage rules include this cryptic clause.

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An even more ridiculous scenario is made even more improbable by the obligation to wear a bow tie. It’s safe to say that people are more inclined to laugh at this law than to follow it.

2. Never Wed Off Lunatics

Although it seems sensible for marriage rules to shield the weak from exploitation, Ohio goes too far in this regard. It is against state law for anyone who is labeled as a “lunatic” or “insane” to get married. Despite the possibly good intentions underlying this regulation, the language is stigmatizing and out of date.

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Furthermore, rather than being outlined in marriage laws, the assessment of mental competence is a complicated and delicate process better left to trained professionals.

3. Virgins’ and Minors’ Licenses

Before getting married in Ohio, anyone under the age of eighteen must receive their parents’ approval. Although this is a common requirement, Ohio goes one step further by adding a condition about virginity. A virgin under the age of eighteen who wants to apply for a marriage license must have permission from both of their parents or legal guardians, per state law.

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This out-of-date clause raises concerns about morality, privacy, and the government’s responsibility in controlling people’s personal lives.

Important Points, See First

  • It’s important to understand that Ohio’s marriage laws, despite their sometimes ridiculous or archaic appearance, are a reflection of changing historical situations, cultural norms, and societal ideals.
  • The laws that control marriages should evolve along with views on gender roles, marriage, and individual rights.
  • Ohio and other states can guarantee the continued relevance, equity, and respect for people’s autonomy and dignity of their marriage laws by reviewing and amending out-of-date statutes.


In conclusion, the peculiarities and intricacies of legal systems are brought to light by Ohio’s marriage laws, even though some of their provisions may seem absurd by today’s standards.

Legislators must revisit and amend these rules as society develops to ensure that they uphold modern ideals and advance justice and fairness for all those wishing to marry in the state.

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