Top 5 New Laws For Children Under 20s In California

Top 5 New Laws For Children Under 20s In California

CCG – In 2024, California, a state renowned for its progressive policies, unveiled several new legislation designed to meet the special needs and difficulties that young people experience. These laws address a variety of topics, including safety and wellbeing as well as healthcare and education.

Top 5 New Laws For Children Under 20s In California

The top five new legislation in California for minors under 20 are as follows:

1. Mandatory Comprehensive Sexual Education:

Students in middle and high school in California are required to participate in a comprehensive sexual education program. This law mandates that educational institutions provide age- and medically-appropriate materials on subjects like STIs, puberty, reproductive health, and contraception.

The goal is to provide young people with the information and abilities they need to make wise choices regarding their relationships and sexual health.

2. Extension of Mental Health Services in Schools:

California has increased access to mental health services in schools as a result of its recognition of the significance of addressing mental health concerns among youth.

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The new law provides financing for the employment of more social workers, psychologists, and school counselors to support and intervene with pupils who are experiencing mental health issues. California hopes to support children’s and teenagers’ emotional health and academic achievement by expanding access to mental health options.

3. Tobacco and Vaping Age Increase:

California increased the legal minimum age to purchase and possess tobacco and vaping goods from 18 to 21 in an effort to decrease the use of these items by young people.

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This law intends to lessen young people’s exposure to the negative effects of tobacco and vaping products and to stop them from developing nicotine and tobacco addiction at an early age.

4. Extension of Childcare Subsidies:

In an effort to better support low-income families with young children, California has extended the scope of its childcare subsidy program.

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The new law gives families with children up to age five access to childcare subsidies and raises the income eligibility level. California wants to help working parents and guarantee that every kid has access to high-quality early childhood education and care by lowering the cost and increasing the accessibility of childcare.

5. School Bus Safety Regulations:

In order to improve protection for young passengers, California has tightened its school bus safety laws. According to the new regulation, every passenger on school buses must have a seat belt or other form of safety restraint.

To further reduce mishaps and injuries, school bus drivers must complete specific training on loading and unloading techniques. California endeavours to safeguard the safety and welfare of children throughout their regular school journey by implementing more stringent safety regulations.


California’s new rules for minors under 20 are an example of the state’s dedication to advancing the health, safety, and well-being of its youngest citizens.

California strives to establish a supportive environment where children and adolescents can grow and reach their full potential by tackling topics including sexual health education, mental health assistance, prevention of tobacco use and vaping, affordability of daycare, and safety and security on school buses.

For the sake of all children and kids in the state, it is imperative that parents, educators, healthcare professionals, and legislators collaborate to make sure that these laws are successfully implemented and upheld.

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