Top 4 Oldest Walmart Stores Still Open In Georgia, Do You Like The Walmart Shopping

Top 4 Oldest Walmart Stores Still Open In Georgia

CCG – If you like it then see the all information. Walmart, one of the biggest retail organizations globally, has had a profound impact on the landscape of the United States. Walmart has had a significant impact on Georgia’s retail history, as evidenced by the fact that some of its oldest locations are still open to the public.

Top 4 Oldest Walmart Stores Still Open In Georgia

Discover the four oldest Walmart locations that are still operating in Georgia by traveling with us. Each location has a distinctive tale to share.

1. Dublin’s Walmart Supercenter

Established: 1986
Location: Dublin, GA 31021, 2423 US-80

This Walmart Supercenter is located in the center of Dublin, Georgia, and is one of the oldest Walmart locations remaining open in the state.

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This store has been a center of activity for customers looking for anything from groceries to household necessities since it first opened its doors in 1986. The Dublin Walmart nevertheless provides the neighborhood with a large assortment of products and amiable service despite its advanced age.

2. Augusta Walmart Supercenter

Founded: 1987
Location: Augusta, Georgia 30906; 3209 Deans Bridge Road

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This Walmart Supercenter has been a mainstay of the Augusta, Georgia neighborhood since 1987. It has developed into a popular shopping location over time, drawing both locals and tourists because of its wide selection of goods at reasonable costs.

Standing the test of time and continuing to be a mainstay of the local retail scene, the Augusta Walmart is known for its convenient location and dedication to customer satisfaction.

3. Savannah Walmart Supercenter

Founded: 1988
Address: 4725 US Hwy 80 E, 31410 Savannah, GA

This Walmart Supercenter in Savannah, Georgia, has been a ray of convenience for customers in the coastal region ever since it opened its doors in 1988. This store, which is located alongside US Highway 80, has been crucial in meeting the requirements of both locals and visitors.

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The Savannah Walmart keeps up its broad product offering, which includes everything from groceries to electronics, making sure that customers can find all they need in one location.

4. Albany Walmart Supercenter

Founded: 1989
Location: Albany, GA 31707, 2825 Ledo Road

The Walmart Supercenter in Albany, Georgia, which initially opened its doors in 1989, completes our list. This store has been a mainstay of the Albany neighborhood for more than 30 years, offering customers an economical and easy way to shop.

The Albany Walmart continues to be a reliable source for all of life’s necessities because of its wide assortment of goods and dedication to providing excellent customer service.


When considering Walmart’s history in Georgia, the four oldest locations serve as reminders of the company’s continuing influence in the state’s retail market.

These Walmart Supercenters, which provide convenience and value to communities throughout Georgia, continue to play a crucial role as commercial hubs from Dublin to Albany. One thing never changes as they adapt to the times: their dedication to giving clients high-quality goods and first-rate service.

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